Why I’m addicted to Pinterest and why you should be too

The social bookmarking site has been around for a few years now, but a lot of people are still reluctant to seeing what it has to offer.

It’s such a resourceful site that I used to scroll through my feed for at least 2 hours straight every night when I first joined (when I really should’ve been doing homework)!

It all started when I kept hearing some of my friends and various Internet articles mention ‘Pinterest’ as the “go-to” site for practically EVERYTHING.

So, I finally said to myself, “Let me see what this Pinterest stuff is talking about.”

I created an account, and within 10 minutes of figuring out how to navigate through the site, I was sold!

Here are three reasons why I recommend everyone to give it a try:

1.)   Ad-free environment

Social networking sites such as Facebook have turned into a jungle of promotional animals! There is an ad on every corner or a post telling you what your friend Susie Q just liked. Often times I wonder, “Can I please just scroll through my timeline in peace? “

With Pinterest, you’re able to truly control the content that shows up on your feed. If you don’t follow the board, then 9 times out of 10 you won’t see it unless someone you follow re-pins it. Even if this happens, it’s so much easier to scroll past a small thumbnail opposed to the large postings on Facebook that take up one-third of your computer screen.

 2.)   Create a strong following within small time frame

Within a few weeks of posting, re-pinning and following a few pinners here and there, I was able to gain my own followers rather fast. Now, mind you, I wasn’t really focusing on growing my numbers as much as I was interested in following boards and pinners I really liked. However, I realized the potential of creating a strong Pinterest presence.

Those interested in gaining hundreds of followers will find that Pinterest is one of easiest places to do so because of the close-knit community. Every pinner is looking for new and intriguing boards to follow; therefore, if you consistently pin valuable and attractive content, you will definitely gain followers in no time!

3.)   Great for marketing purposes

This social media platform is perfect for entrepreneurs, companies or organizations looking to receive better results for their marketing efforts. Because pinners are always looking for new boards, products and information, they constantly click on different pictures and links, which could possibly lead to future supporters and/or customers. Now, I know this is the very reason why I complained about Facebook, but believe me when I say Pinterest is different!

Marketing on here is so laid back that you will hardly ever become agitated. The pins are mostly pictures usually with brief descriptions and a link to redirect you to the website. Once again, if you do not wish to see it, either unfollow the pinner with a click of a button or scroll past it with little to no effort!


It’s so easy to get lost in this technology-ruled world, but at least you can learn how to bake chocolate cream cheese cupcakes, and find out where to buy a canine shower stall while you’re in the process of getting lost!

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