These days, there are few things in this world that surprises me. I mean really surprise me to the point I am just completely shocked. But then there are some things that are just so ridiculous I’m forced to ask myself ….is this really happening? For instance, to this day, I am always dumbfounded at the things white people will protest about just because it goes against what “they” feel everyone should be doing. Things like white civil rights—people kneeling against police brutality—their sports team losing—you know, stupid shit.

What I am even more in awe of is the tsunami of white tears they will cry when someone has the audacity to take a stand against their blatant racism. Far be it for them to actually bitch and complain about the real problem of people being mistreated or killed for the color of their skin. Nope, they would rather yell things like, “racism doesn’t exist—they’re disrespecting the flag—and there is no such thing as white privilege,” while they display their outrage towards those who see the injustices occurring and bully them into submission.

Better yet, they would rather suit up and become keyboard warriors to voice their disdain towards a company that probably would never see nor care about their racist comments. Still, that doesn’t stop them from banding together to show them whose boss in this country. In this episode of Making America Great Again, the hurricane of white tears comes at the hands of everyone at Nike.

On Monday, Nike made a bold move and introduced the athletes who would be the faces of their “30th Anniversary Just Do It” campaign. And it just so happens to be just in time for the kickoff of football season…look at God! As one of the biggest sponsors of the NFL, this probably comes as no surprise they chose to use a variety of players for their campaign.


Now I know what you’re probably thinking…how could this cause a tropical shit storm of white tears?

Well let me tell you.

Everybody knows that white people love the NFL. I mean they love it so much they are probably the first people to buy the NFL package from their cable company before the season even starts. They make sure they have a season supply of can beer, store fried chicken, and pre-made queso (because they don’t probably don’t make Rotel) ready to go every Sunday. They call all their comrades over who come in their team jerseys (the real ones not the Walmart ones) and they kick their feet up until their wives call them home to eat Sunday dinner which I’m sure is comprised of green bean casserole, stuffing and seasonless chicken. Their love burns so deep for the NFL they will disown any and everyone who dares challenge them.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself… this doesn’t have anything to do with Nike.

And to that I say, oh but it does.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, any and every American has been glued in to the National Anthem debacle surrounding Colin Kaepernick and the NFL. Two years ago, Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers decided to start a silent protest standing against police brutality and the injustices Black people suffer at the hands of in America the beautiful. Well as we all know, this didn’t go over well with the white folks. Finding every reason under the sun to discredit his stance, Kaepernick along with other athletes moved forward with the protest.

Colin Kaepernick Is the Reason Why I’m Boycotting the NFL….

Now, this is where the “initial” thunderstorm of white tears began.

One of the most exhausting facts about all of this is the fact white people are more concerned about the players “disrespecting” a slave song than they were the actual issue he was kneeling for. Black people are being executed by those who are being paid to protect them, and all Chad and Margaret can drum up is they are disrespecting the flag, veterans, and their country. Even though, hundreds of veterans have spoken up in favor of the protest—nah still not about the underlying issue. Truth be told, I’d bet the last two dollars in my account Conner and Debbie passed on serving “their country” and don’t even know the entire song to begin with.

But moving on.

Fast-forward to now and the NFL managed to allegedly collude gather amongst each other to band Kaepernick, along with his former teammate—Eric Reid from the league. Not taking it laying down, both players filed a grievance against the league in which after last week, has leaned in their favor thanks to the arbitrator. Now if this didn’t get wypipo panties in a bunch, Nike’s in your face decision to make not only Serena Williams (who’s also constantly attacked by them folks) one of the campaign faces, but they made Kaepernick their primary face for the campaign.

And cue the Catholic church choir of angry white tears…

As usual, white people are enraged at the fact Nike, who as I’ve said before is one of the biggest NFL sponsors had the unmitigated gall to make “the enemy” their ambassador. Now I’m sure these angry people probably only spent $80 on Nike apparel their whole adult lives, and chances are most of their gear was marked down at your local Shoe Carnival—and Nike probably won’t even notice their switch to some other brand—but that’s not the point.

In their minds, who does Nike think they are?

I mean one could argue that they are a billion-dollar company who caters to countries around the world. One could also argue that a large percentage of the NFL teams are comprised of Black athletes and including them in their advertisements make sense. But that doesn’t matter to white people.  Their superiority complex keeps them in this delusional state of thinking they are the only consumers in this country who matter. Their hatred for those they feel are “stepping out line” is stronger than the peace they claim they want. For whatever reason, they feel this is their country and everyone are guests in it.

They would rather use their Kingsford lighter fluid and burn jerseys and Nike apparel they paid for on their well-manicured lawns to prove a point, rather than owning up to the issues at hand and try to make a change. They would rather boycott businesses for standing up and making a difference than to acknowledge why they are standing with those who are suffering in the first place.

Trust me when I say this white people…. Nike don’t give two shits about you burning YOUR shit. They have already used that money to pay some kids in Vietnam to make more of it. They don’t care that your disdain for black people is so deep you are blind to your own hatred and stupidity (because who really burns shit they paid for…really white people?) Nor, do they care that you feel the need to spend hours on end “at-ting” them in your grammatically-challenged posts.

Let me say this for all the people in the back. Yes, white people, we see you, Nike sees you and everyone hears you. But no one cares to give your hatred power any longer. They see the tide is changing. They understand racism is no longer being accepted, swept under the rug, and hidden in the back of the closet. Unlike the NFL, they see the bigger picture and chooses to do what’s right. They are clear about which side of history they want to be on. Like Black people, they have come to terms with the fact you are going to continuously be angry—whine—and throw tantrums when everyone isn’t complicit with your racism. 

Kaepernick has not stuttered once about the intent of his protest, yet instead of engaging with the substance of that protest, the racist white people chose intellectual laziness. They’ve constructed a fictional narrative to convince themselves and their friends that Kaepernick hates America. Sadly, white people are not only wrong but will also never be able to wear their favorite pair of orthopedic shoes again.

So, for all the white people reading this, burning your discount Nike gear, and crying your ocean of white tears, I’ll leave you with this …

Colin Kaepernick – 2, Racism – 0, NFL – 0.

Enjoy those Adidas loves.



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