Alexis Ajinca

NBA Star Alexis Ajinca Exhibits the Trifecta of Confidence: Style, Class and Success

Alexis AjincaThere is nothing like a man that demands attention when he walks into a room. Just ask the many women who melted when they saw Denzel Washington’s walk, basked in the confident words of Muhammad Ali, and blushed when they witnessed the gentleman mannerisms of former President, Barack Obama.

Owning a woman’s attention comes with the trifecta of confidence; style, class, and success. Standing at seven foot two inches and dressed in the finest designer threads, it’s impossible to miss, Alexis Ajinça.

Growing up in the romantic country of France, the well-dressed professional NBA player for the New Orleans Pelicans, Ajinça has mastered the art of owning the attention of a crowded room and has found himself an authority of sophistication.

“I am one of the best dressed men at the game,” Ajinça shared referring to the polished styles he places on his tall stature. “My fashion is one of class and sophistication. I love to wear suits, and I select my clothing with a keen eye.”

In love with designers that create clothing that makes him look good, the 30-year-old Saint Etienne native, carefully selects designer clothing that will compliment his physique. Naturally, he found himself attracted to the pieces of Dapper Dan for Gucci which he labels, “smooth yet flashy pieces that cater to the true gentleman of today.”

As a man of sophistication, you will never see him dressed in short pants suits or the dreaded saggy pants which he deems “sloppy.” Instead, you will often see him tailored to perfection.

“From good textures to unique patterns, I have always appreciated a good tailored suit,” Ajinça shared. “Fashion is revolving back to the element of class and uniqueness. We all want to make our mark; we want our presence to be seen and felt. I plan to take part in the movement by leading through example.”

In our eyes, mission accomplished.

As a married man coming upon his fifth year anniversary to his beautiful wife, Courtney, Ajinça confesses he think he made a “really good choice,” after meeting his wife on Facebook through a few common friends.

“She looked so pretty from her profile pic that I took a chance and contacted her. Eight years later, we now have two beautiful sons, Carter who is 3-year-old and Caysen who is 10 months old. It was one of the best chances I took so far,” Ajinça shared.

According to his wife, he’s a very “romantic guy,” as he often treats the love of his life to dinner at quaint restaurants with good food, nice drinks, dancing to live music, and occasionally island hopping to dreamy locations.

“I really enjoy vacationing in Turks and Caicos because the water is a tranquil blue which is peaceful and the locals are pleasant and welcoming. My family and I visit the island many times throughout the year.”

Alexis AjincaAs a NBA player, he’s often allots the resources to live the luxe life but it was not without hard work and determination.

“It was truly a dream come true to be a part of the NBA, but I know that I worked very hard to be where I am today,” the Center/Power Forward player shared. “I was overwhelmed with excitement when I was selected in the draft because my family was there to support me and I knew that everything I was going to do would be for them.”

Although his parents were not professional athletes, his father’s discipline in his exercise as a runner and a popular wrestler completely impacted him since his youth leading to his love for fitness.

“I know how important it is to be in shape for my overall health, for my family and my line of business, so I stay in shape by training on the court and boxing. I believe it’s helps me by keeping my cardio up and it also helps me to improve my footwork.”

Exercise is also very important as he used to help recover from the knee surgeries he required after being diagnosed with Patellar Tendonitis in 2017 which left him out of the game for the rest of the season.

While his father instilled a necessary respect for health, Alexis admits his mother’s food satisfies him. “I don’t necessarily have a favorite food but I do have a favorite cook, my mother,” he shared excitedly. “She is a really good cook that makes some of the best French dishes. I knew that the woman I married had to cook just as good as my mom, and my wife definitely holds her own in the kitchen.”

Growing up with idols which includes; Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Kevin Garnett, Hakeem Olajuwon,Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and President Barack Obama, he hopes he too can be a youth’s inspiration with his advice.

“My advice to young kids that want to be athletes is to work diligently but have fun doing it,” he shares. “Don’t get comfortable because nothing is promised to you. If you are accepted into the NBA, look at everyday like its your last day in the game but be confident that you are there to play for real. Each year you will have new hungry men vying for your spot, let them know it won’t be easy.”

Taking his success to greaters heights, he is sharing his wealth and giving back to the community with his non-profit organization titled, Ajinça T.R.U. Home. (T.R.U. stands for Transforming, Restoring and Uplifting the Home) that helps those who are homeless.

“My wife and I have a non-profit organization called Ajinça T.R.U. Home. We help those that are homeless by reintroducing them into society, ” he explained. “When we first moved to New Orleans, we noticed so many people living under the bridges. We initially would take blankets and food, but we wanted to do something more permanent and consistent and that is when Ajinca T.R.U. Home came to fruition. It is our hopes to help people gain employment so that they can take care of themselves and their families. We want to assist them in receiving mental and physical health care. The ultimate goal is to build a homeless shelter like those of Bon Jovi.”

Talk about a man with conviction. As Ajinça says, “ helping people is my purpose and very rewarding to me.”



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