When someone wins an election, people rush for quotes from community stake holders and sometimes those quotes are not properly nuanced. Therefore, while I’m not perfect please allow me to try my best to provide some context for my opinions. I’m sick of Bob McCulloch in all honesty. He sounds like an immature baby crying about the results of this election to anyone that will lend him an ear and listen.

The reality is Bob McCulloch doesn’t have a backbone, and never did. He’s absolute trash and trash doesn’t deserve a platform to be heard. Wesley Bell won and it’s time to take out the garbage. For once let’s put the trash in the dumpster where it belongs. At the end of the day, Bob McCulloch lost this election because his campaign was trash. Even if our values aligned the campaign he ran was ancient and it’s time for something new.

When you work to secure a racist policing agenda you lose when the agenda loses. When you use capitalism to hinder the poor and force them behind bars. You lose when capitalism loses. You live in a world where your version of the story apparently says you had this entire situation under control. That’s false and we really need to introduce you to 2018.

If you voted for him, then you supported a political dinosaur. A comet by the name of Wesley Bell took him out.  Now that it’s over, he can’t seem to understand in the land of the living we’re not capable of communicating with the dead. The election is over, and the results concluded this was an epic loss for you. You lost because that’s what you were born to do in a moment such as this — you lose sir—good day!

Even in defeat the man has dishonorably attacked Wesley Bell. I’m failing to understand the point of jousting with your political opponent when the election is over. But losers don’t necessarily understand strategy, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from Bobby or his unraveling white fragility.

Bob McCulloch…Is This The End of His Reign?

Today, let’s unpack this subject, let’s talk about it. I’m not about to break down the statistics. I don’t care about being politically correct because Bob was always politically incorrect and doesn’t seem to care. So, here’s my message to McCulloch and his supporters as a participant in the grand America commonly known as concept of democracy.

You lost and you lost in the most disgusting cowardly manner any big ticket politician in this town has seen in very long time. Let’s talk about this ass whooping since you can’t seem to let it go. You’re stunts and comments about the election in the wake of this defeat have been nothing short of tacky and tasteless.

If not for nothing else, I’d expect you to take this epic spanking as sign of the times.  You know damn well you’re a political dinosaur—a racist one at that. It’s over and that’s okay. You’ve made plenty people live through hell for nearly three decades. I initially wanted to believe you weren’t clinically insane, but now I’m honestly not sure.

There has been zero sophistication, zero class, and zero dignity involved in McCulloch’s handling of his defeat to Wesley Bell. His race baiting insults have only further perpetuated the social divide in our city. Bob you couldn’t unify St. Louis County if your life depended on it. Your pay check depended on it and not a bone in your body was capable of unifying Saint Louis County.

It’s easy to look like a champion when there are not suitable opponents capable of challenging your dominance. Real champions fight real bouts against other champions and they come out the other side of these wars as the victor. When they lose, they honor the fact that an actual champion has kicked their ass.

Bob’s only real leg to stand on happens to be a highly misconstrued version of reality. In fact, he has often leaned on several highly confusing and delusional versions of reality to complete the tasks associated with his former job. Let me say it again, he’s trash, and he ran a trash campaign. He’s a Nokia who lost to a smart phone. He lost to social media. He lost to a spiral out pouring of unity and resources aimed at the myth that he couldn’t be defeated.


You’ve never had to campaign against Millennials. Let’s talk about it, you lost to a hash tag. You lost to black women. You lost to the true progressive white voters who want to see Saint Louis County’s judicial system strive and prosper. You lost to everyone that’s sick and tired of your chemical romance with Steve Stenger.

Nothing matters except the polls and the polls are where you lost. You lost because losers are supposed to lose. You lost because you never did what you should’ve been doing—and that’s fighting for fairness and justice. For everyone’s sake, can we please move on with our lives now?  You’re done now, and we’re done listening to your ridiculous rants about absolutely nothing.

I think it’s fair to critique the Democratic Party. Liberals love mass incarceration but claim they hate it. In Missouri, we’re plagued with the disease of the Republic-rats.

These are basically republicans that carry themselves as Democrats. These are the type of people that will vote for Claire McCaskill, and Donald Trump in one motion. Republicans are oddly easy to get along with sometimes because at least their values are clear and concise. I understand the exact ideological points where myself and a conservative will clash. We can clash respectfully or even disrespectfully but we’re both on our positions.

In Missouri, that’s not always the case with Democrats. Honestly, in my heart of hearts I could care less about the overall liberal agenda. I’m sick and tired of seeing uneducated folks— both black and white vote in support of a political project that has proven itself to be their social enemy. These same idiots will vote in favor of their own demise. Then they’re shocked in the aftermath of it all as if they themselves didn’t cast a direct ballot in favor of a fucked up political narrative.

Logically, this makes no sense whatsoever but that’s basically how ignorance functions. We all reap the suffrage for their lack of political maturity. They’re pro establishing a living wage, but they hate LGTBQ folk. They’re heavily invested in the unions but they’re totally against organizing police brutality.

Black Democrats running for office are in bed with the devil because their own party has a two-fold agenda for its constituency. Black Democratic candidates with progressive energies circulating around their name sake are poised against the republicans, conservative white democrats, conservative black democrats, and everything else the system can throw at them. It takes heart to run under this type of ticket and win. 


People said Wesley Bell couldn’t win in this climate. I will admit I even said it would take a miracle for negroes to show up to vote. Well, to be fair and honest — the miracle occurred. But, the miracle arrived in the form of around the clock organizing.

Yes, organizing— a magical word you might not know anything about Bob. Now we can discuss strategy and influence another day. Though even while discussing these things, let’s be honest. Black politicians were afraid of McCulloch the Tyrant. Black voters were also a bit fearful of his tyranny.

There was a bunch of huffing and puffing from his direction. This created a smoke screen which made things appear to be more in his favor than they truly were. The curtain was lifted, and we asked to see the Wizard. When we laid our eyes upon the Wizard we realized he was nothing more than a fucking joke. He lost because he deserves to lose, and we won’t be a part of his campaign to rewrite history.

Wesley Bell stepped up and took on the so-called Democratic savage. Bell got the job done and now the dictator is out of office. I don’t know Wesley Bell personally. He’s not a friend of mine, he didn’t pay me to write this. I’m not directly affiliated with his campaign. These words aren’t his, they’re mine. And I’m here to talk about this since Bob can’t seem to shut the fuck up.

We can talk about Wesley Bell however we choose to in these capacities since he’s a public servant of the people. Personally, I deal to with reality. There are many different types of realities, but we only have access to one.

In this reality we need to start with the fact that the black man won, and he did it with style, grace, intelligence, and maximum transparency. Wesley Bell walked off into the anchors of history. We celebrate his victory as a milestone.

This is what happens when you challenge the dinosaurs and they can’t compete. A global media event occurred while McCulloch was in office. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it a lot of us simply refer to this situation as “Ferguson”. It wasn’t a small ordeal and it almost reassured us that we wouldn’t vote for you if our lives depended on it. Since you like to let crooked cops kill unarmed black people — our lives did depend on it.

HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT: Ferguson The Truth

Wesley Bell is a new era breed of politician. He’s very approachable and he’s also not trying too hard to be his self. In fact, weeks after the election I’ve witnessed Bell out in the community working since he got the job done. I support the brother and his endeavors to shift the way the county prosecutor’s office handles crime. It’s difficult to blindly support any type of prosecutor.

Do I think it’s within total reason to criticize the prosecutor’s office? If I’m being honest, I’m one of the largest critics of the actual office. Nothing will change about that even after Bell completely takes over the duties. It’s almost impossible to get me to say anything any differently. My personal beliefs and politics just don’t align with the basic functions of this office.

However, the reality is it’s unfair to criticize Wesley Bell on a personal level when he’s played the by rules and achieved his goals thus far without stumbling.

He’s beyond capable of doing this job. Bob held the position for 28 years without accomplishing much of anything. To date, Bell has already accomplished more than he has in three decades by pulling the voters together under one accord. His first bid for office is a monumental success story.

He’s participated in the process and adhered to the rules of the Democratic process. It’s been said that the most American thing you can do is serve this country. He’s serving as a public figure that will surely take heat from all sides due to the new found position he holds. Bob is hypocrite and he’s ridiculous claims that Saint Louis will turn into the Thunder dome under Bells watch must stop. You’re done now, let’s move on as the old man hounds us about the days of yester.

“In my day a load of bread was a nickel and if you stole a slice they sentenced you to the chair!!” McCulloch said. 

I wish someone would please pass this man his medicine before he gives half of Dellwood a life sentence for stealing from the West Florissant Wal-Mart.

Now of course we’re going to have some nuanced angst around the roles of the prosecutor overall. At the end of the day it’s their job to send our folks to jail. It’s our job to get black folks out of jail. Our mission statements may be in direct conflict sometimes by the nature of our respective contributions to this society.

However, the candidate we voted for said he was anti-mass incarceration and we’re going to wait to see how his politics materialize before we cast our judgements.

Most of us in the movement aren’t reformists and we claim to be abolitionists. There’s always going to be differences in politics between the candidates and the radicals. If we allow ourselves to stay stuck on those differences, then we’ll never elect anyone into office because we’ll stay fixated on caveated politics and bullshit minutia about racism.

I happen to be incredibly fond of the truth. But since Bob McCulloch still can’t embrace the truth even after he’s been voted out of the seat. We have to respectfully spoon feed the elderly.

The same people you locked up for protesting the death of an unarmed teenager — voted against you. White people with common sense and an actual desire to see St. Louis County no longer market itself as a debtors prison also voted against you. We don’t know exactly how Wesley Bell will perform in this occupation, but we do know you were trash at it. You’re a bum and you don’t deserve to hold this type of power. You won’t hold it again in this lifetime.

You’re out of our way now and we’re out of yours. Retirement is a good thing Bob, embrace it and shut hell up. Oh yeah, I’ve always wanted to say this — Get a job!!


The Day #Ferguson Changed the Conversation


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