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MISSISSIPPI FOOD – Family Restaurant Serves Up Home Cooking Just Like Grandma

Whenever you’re in Mississippi, a good home style fried fish and chicken most definitely hits the spot. My stomach and me stumbled onto this awesome little “mom and pop” restaurant, Archie’s Fish and Chicken, Spaghetti Too, over on Highway 80 and Ellis near Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi.

As we walked into the restaurant that “it feels like home” aura fell over me.  I could smell the catfish and homemade battered chicken sizzling from the kitchen. When the air smells like Sunday’s after church at your grandmother’s house, you know the food is going to be good.

We ordered pan trout, fries and a sweet tea. Food came out steaming.  I didn’t even have to reach for the hot sauce in my bag, it was already on the table and good too! My stomach enjoyed every single bite!  If you’re looking for something a little healthier, they have options for that too – grilled chicken, fish and salads.

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The customer service was just as good as the food. We met the owners and watched how well they interacted with their customers. It was as if everyone walking into the restaurant were treated like family. That’s a great environment to have especially that close to a university filled with students far away from home.

Good food. Great prices. Excellent customer service and a convenience location for college students salivating for a delicious, affordable home cooked meal! Whenever you’re in Jackson, Mississippi take a lunch break or dine for dinner at Archie’s Fish and Chicken, Spaghetti Too!


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