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Speaking with St. Louis’ up and coming rap artist, Dante Wolfe was like no other interview, I guess you could say it was more like at chat between two friends discussing music. Who has the dopest rhymes, who influences him musically, so on and so forth. But the interesting part was talking with Dante in the heart beat of St. Louis’s music scene only added to the magic. Sitting across the street from the famous Vintage Vinyl Records with the newly painted mural of one of the founding fathers of Rock-n-Roll, Chuck Berry with Bob Marley playing in the background. The sun was shining and a nice, cool breeze made it all perfect. Even at one point, the roles switched and he started to interview me as we bumped heads about Kanye West and these so called new rap artist like Lil Yachty and Young Thug, but I won’t get into that (laughs). However, I will say Dante Wolfe is one to keep an eye on.

Growing up on the north side of St. Louis, music has always been a part of him, listening to all types of music with his dad he was exposed to more than the average kid.  Dante can recall listening to Hip-Hop legends like Wu Tang Clan and Ghostface Killa that gave him his first kiss with music. dante wolfe

For Dante, it’s about what you’re saying when you’re saying it, and reaching the people you can. Things you digest in your everyday life comes off in┬átheir music, and for some artist it’s drugs, sex,┬árock-n-roll. It’s turn up, turn up, turn up, but as an artist you still┬áhave┬ásome type of responsibility.┬áRap music creates opportunities for that people that wouldn’t┬áhave it otherwise.

With two albums, The God Complex (2016) and Carlton Avenue (2016) available on Apple Music & SoundCloud, the artist is on his way to making a name for himself in the music industry. With a plethora of different sounds, he proves he is not afraid to try his hand at different sounds. Performing all over the city and country, Dante is making sure he leaves a piece of himself in every city he visits to ensure he becomes a household name.

So, what’s next for Dante Wolfe? Well he wants to remain┬áan independent artist and have complete control over his catalog, touring and hopefully to one day partake in an acting project. But what I do know is his talents will take him far, sky’s the limit for him.

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