As the race of the century dawns upon us in St. Louis County, I think it’s imperative to remind our folks what is truly at stake. St. Louis County is splintered into cubby holes of racism. Prejudice is embedded in the DNA of its municipalities. The stench of police brutality roams freely uncontested throughout much of the area. 

Bob McCulloch is the figure head of racist biased, unfair and unbalanced legal decisions. I can’t state it anymore candidly. He’ll never prosecute a crooked police officer, especially a white one. If you’re black and your case is in his hands, you’re treated like another number. He’s held this office since 1991 and if we don’t fight back right now then we all might as well roll over and die.

I was criticized by conservatives for calling McCulloch a racist, yet I wasn’t moved to change my position. In fact, they can kiss my ass from here to across the street.

We have a chance to square off against racism at the polls and it’s time for us as a community to finally take care business. I’m speaking out because it’s time and I don’t want to be on the wrong side of history. If we believe our lives are truly at risk, then we need to act like it. Wesley Bell’s campaign has hit the ground running knocking doors in St. Louis County. Their organizing efforts are being launched full-fledged with very little money. If you want to make a difference, then now is the time get off the sidelines and get involved. The campaign is thoroughly endorsed but right now they’re in need of money and volunteers. St.Louis Action Council has knocked over 5,000 doors for Bell. His campaign office itself has nearly quadrupled this amount of doors and direct interactions with voters. 

We need progressive minded black people in positions of power. Missouri doesn’t have to be so sternly connected to its racist roots. This is a tradition we can easily disrupt with the right type of collective coordination. With that being said, August 7, 2018 is the date we rumble in the jungle.

All politics are personal, and this match-up is absolutely one of the most critical ones. Wesley is a candidate that is slated to move us forward once he wins. He’s up against a man that very well doesn’t know what it’s like to lose.


I need you to remember the way it feels to be pulled over for a broken break light. The way it feels to be jailed and assaulted with traffic warrants. I want you to remember the way it feels for the judge to treat you like a criminal for simply being poor. I want you to remember Ferguson and the aggressive war tactics they used towards US citizens.

I want our readers to understand they are pawns in a game of Chess. For so long the Conservative torch holders of St. Louis County have treated black voters as if we are permanently brain dead. I’m speaking out because if I don’t I won’t be able to live with myself. I believe in the Bell and I want y’all to hit these polls and vote against Bob. What’s on the line here, is an unfair continuation of racist ideologies through the coverage of the STL County judicial system.

The job isn’t done in Ferguson, but by attacking racism at the polls, we place ourselves in the position to accumulate the type of political power that eventually changes the area. This isn’t about black power in the traditional sense. Wesley Bell looks like the future and McCulloch looks like 1968 (Editors Note: he is 1968 in every facet of what 1968 stands for). It’s about what’s right for all of us as citizens. It’s deeper than race, we’re also talking about the criminalization of working class people from all backgrounds.

It’s about what’s right for our parents that have been shoved in the bellies of North County. It’s about what’s right for underprivileged/ poor people in St. Louis County despite their skin color.

We have a chance to move the needle forward and instead of criticizing or speaking out about why it won’t work. This is an opportune time to pool resources and make it work for once.

August 7th is the day we seek revenge for Mike Brown’s murder and the countless others we’ve lost to the hands of McCulloch’s negligence. I grew up thinking things couldn’t change. We’ve all read the horror stories about police brutality in Saint Louis County. We’ve all lost loved ones to the wrath of McCulloch.

Once again, I say if you can’t vote in the county—then find a space to volunteer your time. Tell your family members about this race. Be sure to talk to everyone you can about Wesley Bell’s platform.

Remind them about past incidents concerning Bob McCulloch and his willful neglect of justice. We can shut it down in the streets all day long. But if we aren’t attacking these criminals at the polls then we’re moving in vain. There’s not much time left, so please for the love of our people — get involved today!

Vote or Die….Literally



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