As we have seen over the past couple of decades, the importance of voting has become front and center. Specifically, local elections due to the recent rise in police brutality cases and the lack of indictments for them. Politics is no longer an old person’s arena and millennials have come to realize three very important things about voting:

It is imperative to the future.

It affects real change.

If you are a minority—it is life or death.

Although, national elections have a trickle-down effect that does affect the country as a whole—local elections are where people see real life change their communities. Knowing who’s running, and why they’re running are important factors to know when you’re voting for a certain candidate. Understanding their platform and if it represents your beliefs should be a priority before checking their box. What does this person’s policies mean for you as a voter? How does this person’s platform align with what you want to see for your community?

Researching their past policies, accomplishments and broken promises are also huge factors to consider when choosing a candidate. Knowing whether the person who is asking for your vote has a past of keeping their campaign promises should be at the top of that list.  Have they run on these issues before? What have they accomplished during their time in office? Has your neighborhood or community changed for the better or worse since they’ve held that seat?

These are major factors that will affect your community in the long run. Voting someone back into office because “they have experience” is irrelevant if they have done nothing with it for the community. Sure, they talk a good game, but has any of that been put to good use? Is giving this person another yes vote going to make a real difference in your community?

As the culture of this country changes and racism is constantly overlooked, voting has become life or death for black people. Deemed targets from the moment we entered this country, voting though not always a privilege has been the only way to push for change. Everything from community upkept, educational policies, housing, tax money allocation, and criminal justice policies are just a few areas that are affected by voter turnout. Therefore, choosing the best candidate or proposition will determine if your schools are getting funded, your neighborhood is kept up or the officers are patrolling fairly.

It is true there have been candidates both black and white that have promised minority communities things in exchange for a vote—and have failed us. They have knocked on doors with eyes full of wonder and words full of shit, leaving us with a horrible distaste in our mouths about voting all together. But we have to keep showing up. We have to keep holding them along with ourselves accountable.

With that being said, here are the list of candidates who will be on the ballot August 7th. Be sure to educate yourself on their platform and what they are running on.

St. Louis City Candidates & Propositions

St. Louis County Candidates & Propositions

If you aren’t sure where you need to vote at, click the links below to find your polling places.

St. Louis City Voting

St. Louis County Voting


Remember its life or death these days so Vote or Die!




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