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What is fashion?¬†Wow!¬† Fashion¬†and style is literally¬†everything to me.¬†It’s mood setting; it absolutely resembles how¬†my day is going.¬†Fashion plays that big of a role in my life. – Tommie Lee

On the last season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, fans instantly¬†fell in love with New Jersey’s native Tommie Lee. Her unfiltered, live, and fiery charisma gained unmatched popularity; coining Tommie as the¬†show’s favorite cast member. A natural-born entrepreneur and lover of all things fashion, Tommie Lee demonstrates there is no slowing her down¬†and more goals to achieve. Watch her HUSTLE. Peep her STYLE.

I had the opportunity to 1 on 1 interview with the stylish Tommie Lee. Discussing her aesthetic and future business ventures, she gave Delux Magazine the inside scoop.

  • Can you give a brief rundown of your first experience with fashion?

My mother. My mom had the illest sense of fashion. She was always fashion-forward and trendy with Ann Taylor suits, blazers, jewelry etc. I remember being in Christian Dior at the age of 7 and loving every minute of it.

  • Who was the most influential person in fashion to you? Any idols?

I’m going to say Joan Rivers. She knew what fashion was and how it should be done. I love her and she was always hilarious, but she was legit.

  • What line and designer inspires you? Describe your style.

Gucci is Going Off! I love everything about Gucci — The quality, the look, how evolving and relatable it is.

¬†I would definitely describe my personal style as artsy, raw, but classy. Whether I’m rocking some dope street-wear or stepping out in a sexy gown, I always go for a statement.

  • Ok Tommie, Any upcoming moves in fashion?

Definitely. I’m introducing a shades and frame line. It’s dope!! Be on the look out for them. My signature “Tommie¬†Gun” will be on each pair. I also have a T-shirt line developing.

  • Tell me, What’s your go-to shoe of choice?

How could you possibly go wrong with a Red Bottom?¬†You can’t. Christian Louboutin is everything.

  • Last question, Can you tell me a 5 year goal? Where do you want to be at that time?

I really would love to be working with many different designers, giving my insight, endorsements, and playing a major role in the looks. My hustle is real.

Concluding the interview, Tommie definitely proved to me why fans love her. Not only being authentic, but this dynamic businesswoman determination is truly inspiring. She embodies how being true to yourself and your calling will result in blessings every time.

For more Tommie Lee, tune in to Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta on VH-1, Monday nights at 7pm cst.  Follow her on social media for daily updates.