The passing of designer Virgil Abloh hit the world of fashion incredibly hard. Not only was Virgil seen as a creative genius but was the brains behind several iconic pieces from some of our favorite high-end brands including Louis Vuitton and Off-White. After being such a big name in the fashion world it is no surprise that Abloh’s craft and creativity influenced the work of others. He changed the way individuals looked at streetwear and even how it was created. 

Although many brands have created streetwear pieces, Virgil Abloh elevated the scene. Throughout his amazing career he managed to prove that street style could not only be fun and edgy, but fashion-forward, and because of this his legacy will continue to live on through his work and others. To show our appreciation of Virgil’s contributions to the fashion world, we have listed some of our favorite streetwear brands the icon paved the way for. 

1017 Ayxl

1017 Ayxl is a streetwear brand with several colors, eye-catching prints and silloutes to play with. Like many streetwear brands, 1017 seems to pull influences from the styles of skate board culture, chic street style and hip hop. By playing around with several different styles, moods and fabrics the label is able to portray the typical streetwear style, but still maintain a fly, edgy profile with pieces like form fitting dresses and edgy parkas. Follow 1017 Ayxl



After being founded in 2015 this streetwear brand has quickly become a favorite among many. The brand prides itself on creating pieces that are not only fashionable but versatile – “Balancing luxury techniques with streetwear Elements”. RHUDE can easily be recognized for its usage of large varsity letters, color block patterns, and knitwear, which many streetwear lovers and stylists can’t seem to get enough of. Follow RHUDE


Similar to Off-White, the Y/Project offers clothing that can be considered “elevated streetwear”. Shoppers can easily find items like bodysuits, cuffed jeans, and printed attire that can easily be dressed up or down and styled to perfection Due to the brands versatility, Y/Project is not only appealing to those who want to approach streetwear on a more relaxed level but step out of the box and expand on their creativity. Follow Y/Project

Cactus Plant Flea Market 

Cactus Plant Flea Market took the world of streetwear by storm after collaborating with big names like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and even Nike to create dope pieces that have yet to lose their hype. If the name doesn’t ring a bell off rip then their trendy sweaters which read, “Lucky me I See Ghosts “, and “Ye must be born again” is sure to ring a bell.  Rocked by superstars like Kanye himself, Pharrell, and even Kim Kardashian, the clothing became streetwear certified almost instantly, earning their place as a top brand to look out for. However, nothing compares to the impact this brand made in the sneaker world. After working with Nike and Swarovski to produce kicks decked out in jewels, the trio developed the iconic Dunk Low Sneakers that can now be purchased for up to 9k. Follow Cactus Plant Flea Market 


This brand screams outside of the box. “Freedom, Research and Creativity” is 032c’s slogan and from the looks of their clothing, they never fall short of that. With dope attire like blue jean printed leggings and shirts, brightly colored puffer jackets, and futuristic-like ensembles, the brand ensures that they keep it funky and fresh, without playing too into trends or appearing inauthentic. Follow 032c


When it comes to streetwear you can never go wrong with graphic tees, eclectic accessories, and garments that make a huge statement, and with AIME LEON DORE that’s exactly what you will find! The brand offers several collections to choose from that are “simple yet powerful designs” but still scream stylish. Like many street style brands, AIME LEON DORE plays with proportions, offering oversized hoodies, button-up shirts, and bottoms of all fits. Although straightforward, each piece remains true to the brand’s aesthetic and still comes across as effortlessly fly.  Follow AIME LEON DORE 

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Edited by: Camille Smith

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