DELUX Hair Top Brand

This is our 2nd year naming a DELUX Hair Top Brand and we are so excited for this year’s awardee. For anyone who has attended a Healthy Hair Solutions event, an industry tradeshow, or tuned into the Hair Whisperer knows Tendai Morris is a veteran stylist and educator, and advocate for natural hair. Tendai has wowed audiences and individuals with her products and knowledge and it is our honor to acknowledge her and Healthy Hair Solutions.

Healthy Hair Solutions

My name is Erica Rhodes and I am a Brand Ambassador and Sales Rep for Healthy Hair Solutions. I am personally a big fan of Tendai Morris. Tendai to me is a St. Louis legend and an icon. I had the pleasure of attending an expo and sat in on a demonstration where she was speaking on natural and curly hair textures. Tendai happened to be demonstrating, what is now her number one seller, Whisper Whip Hydration. I swear by this product and glad to see it that has become such a hot ticket item.

Whisper Whip is a Co-Wash, Deep Conditioner, and a Leave-in Styling Cream which also has been identified as the best detangler for braid and sew in takedowns and a wonderful beard wash for men. Whisper Whip is Baby-friendly and packs 32 ounces of love for your hair. 

In 2021 Tendai launched her complete Whisper Whip line which includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Style Foam, Edge Control, and Whisper Whip Ultra Hold Styling Gel. Healthy Hair Solutions carries other products including oils, deep conditioning masks, and a lot more. These products have been game-changers for many women, so I sat down on behalf of DELUX Hair with Tendai to ask her about her journey.

[DELUX Hair] Tendai I’ve known you for so long. I have watched you and I have used your products for many years. What made you start your business?

[Tendai] The reason I decided to start Healthy Hair Solutions was I knew that as a hairstylist alone I would not be able to fully reach my target audience, which was women who were not in love with their DNA-produced hair and women who had suffered from loss in various ways.  I wanted to be a guide for these people and I wanted to provide hair products that actually worked on their hair.   

How it Started/How it’s Going     

[DELUX Hair] We know that you come from an amazing family with many decades and experience in hair. We know it runs in the family so tell us about your roots. What is the “How it Started vs How it’s Going” for Tendai Morris?

[Tendai] I am the 4th child in a family of 5 children, 3 boys, and 2 girls who all are in the haircare industry.  My father (Leo Price of Priceless Barbershop)  was a barber and taught us all how to cut hair starting at around age twelve.  My family is wonderful and very supportive.  I think it’s because of the way we were raised.  I hear about families not being supportive but that isn’t something I have had to deal with.  “Good Vibes Only”   the entire family has thrived in the hair care industry. 

[DELUX Hair] A great supportive family can be so vital to success. We would like to commend Mr. Leo and Gloria Price for raising a wonderful family. You all are thriving in the haircare industry in various forms. Tell us about your experiences working as an advocate for Natural Hair?

[Tendai] I have had a natural feel and a gift when it comes to natural hair because being a barber exposed me to various techniques and that allowed me to transition my female clients from relaxed hair to natural with or without doing a big chop.  I was doing “big chops” on women in the 80s and more so in the early 90s with groups like Zhane coming to the forefront rocking their buzz cuts.  My sister and my mother both did big chops and locs and my father always helped us to appreciate the beauty of our natural texture. 

[DELUX Hair] What led to the creation of your flagship product Whisper Whip?    

[Tendai] I created Whisper Whip hydration because I noticed that my approach to tighter textures was a bit different from what I would traditionally do when I would straighten my clients’ hair.  I saw that there were several different types of CoWash products on the market but none of them compared to what I was using and how I was using it.  After several requests from my clients to purchase my products I finally decided to bottle up my concoction and sell it to my clients.  1 bottle turned into 1000’s of bottles sold in just 6 years. 

[DELUX Hair] Healthy Hair Solutions products are professionally respected and used in salons and households across the country. There are more opportunities opening up for you. Please tell us about them?

[Tendai] I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to partner with such companies as Macy’s, Fresh Thyme Market, Procure by The Women’s Creative, Several Beauty Supply Stores across the US, and now a luxury hotel, in my hometown of St. Louis,  “THE LAST HOTEL ST. LOUIS”.  I am excited to expand into stores like Target, Walgreen’s, CVS, and more in the very near future. 

[DELUX Hair] Thank you for taking me on this beautiful journey and instilling in me the Healthy Hair Solutions motto, “My natural is my natural”.  I will never forget the look on my face when I used your product for the first time and I know many women and men will love your products just as much as I do. 

[Tendai] Thank you!

You can find all of these wonderful products available at and Amazon!