Many fans waited and speculated, but no one could have predicted the craze one story of three bold, young women would create.

The airing of VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story on Monday night raked in 4.5 million viewers becoming the No. 1 cable movie of 2013.

But, it doesn’t stop there folks.

Viewers were so engaged in the biopic that they took their thoughts to Twitter and tweeted away.

Tweeters poked fun at particular scenes from the movie one being the part in which the young hopefuls’ manager “Pebbles” presented them with whips that did not match their newfound stardom too well.

Thanks to non-stop tweeters, it became the most tweeted program with 1.92 million tweets going head-to-head with the most tweeted series episode in TV history, the season finale of ABC’s hit television show, Pretty Little Liars (1.9 million).

Numbers like these required a very skilled cast to make their mark, and what phenomenal marks they did make.

TLCThe crazy, sexy and oh so cool cast members for the remake of the 90’s R&B group are young, fresh but definitely not new to television.

Keke Palmer (“Chilli”) is best known for her acting role in Akeelah and the Bee, Drew Sidora (“T-Boz”) is associated with BET’s The Game and Lil Mama (“Left Eye”) served as one of the judges for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

Viewers could not help but notice the remarkable resemblance between the actresses and real divas of TLC-in particular KeKe Palmer and Chilli as well as Lil Mama and Left Eye.

I think it is safe to say speculators have not seen a closely resembled cast since the story of rapper Biggie Smalls in Notorious.

Nevertheless, the TLC movie brought viewers back to a time where creativity thrived, women rewrote the script and fashion was something serious.

Big congrats to those lovely ladies and the rest of the “CrazySexyCool” crew on their mark in history.

Now, fans are forced back in the waiting room for the next big “thing” to hit their screens but have made it clear as to who they would like to see next-Grammy award-winning group, Destiny’s Child.

Undoubtedly, the casting for that movie would be super intense; the only person qualified enough to play Beyoncé may only be “King B” herself.

Though nothing is written in stone, it would be nice to see the full story of another empowering R&B group.



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