Beauty:  Is it a state of grace or a state of face?  

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The truth is: most of us are NOT ‚Äúbeautiful‚ÄĚ by current media standards of beauty. ¬†giphy (5)We know this standard of beauty is unattainable, and we all spend too much time, cash, and emotions attempting to keep up. ¬†Even the most gorgeous among us focus more on their perceived flaws than any aspect of their true beauty. ¬†Maintaining such a standard of perfection must be exhausting and humiliating. ¬†So … don’t. ¬†Really. ¬†Just stop. ¬†This obsession isn’t healthy. ¬†We at Delux will, of course, continue to give beauty tips and tricks and host events to help you feel like your best self. ¬†But the key there is: ¬†YOUR best SELF. ¬†And we love fashion… it’s artful and bold. ¬†Fun. ¬†But less than 2% of the world’s population will ever look like a runway model. ¬†So unicorn sightings aside, FOCUS people. ¬†Focus. ¬†Focus on these three tips which will help you attain the beauty you’re really looking to achieve:


alek1. Love Yourself

And you’re thinking, “Blah blah blah…” ¬†And maybe you’re right. ¬†You can “blah blah blah” me, or you can think *perhaps* there is something to this self-loving kick the whole world has adopted lately. ¬†It’s 2015, my friends. ¬†We are some free-loving, free-thinking, radically nerdy, unapologetic, and ¬†genuinely happy individuals. ¬†Be you. ¬†Love you. ¬†Embrace the person you truly are, and seriously. ¬†Love yourself. ¬†Because if you don’t love you, who will? ¬†Authenticity is everything. ¬†Learn it. ¬†Live it. ¬†Love it. ¬†I promise you, the shine you bring to everyone with self-love will make you the most beautiful person in the room.




2.  Focus on Feeling Good


Yoga is my thing. ¬†I freaking love yoga. ¬†If you’ve met me, or if you meet me, you’ll think, “She seriously loves yoga?” ¬†I don’t look like a typical yogi. ¬†It’s OK. ¬†It FEELS amazing. ¬†I *feel* pretty when I breathe and stretch. ¬†And maybe my body morphs into the beautiful fit-chick images I admire and appreciate. ¬†Maybe it won’t. ¬†All I know is that movement feels incredible. ¬†I love to dance. ¬†So I dance! ¬†Exercise feels great. ¬†MOVE. ¬†Move your butt, and your endorphins start flowing, and your energy picks up, and you suddenly feel like a million bucks. ¬†Your smile gets wider. ¬†Your eyes sparkle. ¬†All from a little gym flow. ¬†You don’t have to look like you go to the gym to enjoy a little booty-shaking. ¬†And poof! ¬†Pretty!



3.  Make it a drinking game

For each NYFW model you see in your Instagram feed, take a shot. ¬†I suppose this depends on who you follow. ¬†But if your feed looks anything like OUR feed… you’ll hit the ground in no time flat! ¬†Liquid courage = instantaneous sexiness. ¬†Whether or not it’s real is irrelevant. ¬†Beer goggles are real, my friends. ¬†You’ll feel pretty. ¬†This is about *LAUGHING AT YOURSELF WITH YOURSELF!* ¬†Because loving and embracing our flaws and enjoying who we are in this lifetime is everything.





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Ummm.  Yes.  And so are you!



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