With the recent attempt to #BreakTheInternet–Amber Rose has definitely become the talk of the town world! ¬†We ( or atleast the fellas) at Delux Magazine decided to take a look through out history and come up with The Worlds Greatest MILFs of All-Time! ¬†This process unfortunately does not have a scientific formula or even a scaled system…. ¬†Just a few cool guys sitting around oooohing and ahhhhing Gods gift of¬†beauty. ¬†In no way is this post meant to offend or degrade. ¬†Just good fun amongst good people and our best friends– YOU!

Welp… ¬†Here goes nothing!

10. Karrine Steffans @Karrineandco

Probably the originator of the term Video Vixen. ¬†Karrine Steffans has all ways been on the tip of everyone’s tongue… She can be connected to celebrities of Family Matters to The Carter 5 if you catch our drift. ¬†But she is definitely a MILF that stays on a lot of people’s “Hit List”

9. Draya Michele  @SoDraya

From stripper to celebrity– Draya has marketed herself to be one of the Basketball Wives favorites character. ¬†Blessed with beauty and a crazy temper mixed with jealous rage (remember that video about her trolling¬†thru her man’s phone) Draya Michele is¬†a favorite here at the DELUX offices… Thanks for the cover shoot Draya!

8. Taraji P Henson @TarajiPHenson

Kinda like the girl next door…. ¬†She seems like such the homegirl. ¬†But she has that sexy attitude and spunk that makes all the homeboys say “DDDAAAAAYYYYYUUUUMMM” ¬†We are definitely in love with Cookie Lyons. Call me.

7. Beyonce¬ī@Beyonce

Not going to say much. ¬†Last time some one said anything about The Carter Regime… Jay Z started throwing his money around…. (that might not be a bad idea) ¬†But we not taking any chances…. ¬†just fill in the blanks…. Im sure we feel the same way! #sheesh

6. Pam Grier @Pamgier

The OG of MILFs.  Maybe even the original MILF.  I remember the first time I watched Coffee with my Dad and I saw Pam Grier.. Like Whoa!  She became famous in the early 1970s after starring in a string of moderately successful women in prison and blaxploitation films like The Big Bird Cage, Coffy, Foxy Brown and Sheba Baby.

5. Jennifer Lopez @jlo

Every since Puff up’d her sexy, Jennifer Lopez has always been one that catches the eye. ¬†She is so fine that she used the “N-word” in her hit song “I’m Real” and nobody gave a damn! ¬†But even after that she still is one of the finest women in the world… Ill be one of her back up dancers anytime. ¬†Is she hiring?

4.  Halle Berry @Halleberry_fanpage

Not much you can say wrong about Halle– besides she can’t keep a man. But thats cool. ¬†That keeps her on the market and who knows maybe we can get lucky and sell a Tape? ¬†Our favorite Halle Berry movie… Swordfish….. need i explain why?

3. Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian

Kayne won with this one. ¬†Even though the whole world saw how she gets down! ¬†Thanks Ray J. ¬†But she will always be a top 3 pick. They say The Kardashians aren’t talented… I must disagree… oh they have talent!

2.  Amber Rose @AmberRose

Recently nearly #BrokeTheInternet. ¬†Im sure you all thought we were going to post the bikini pics… can’t do that… you know how out sponsors are set up….. but Amber is sexy rather she’s setting it out at the beach or if she’s posing (with clothes on) ¬†she is one bad mamma-jamma… and as Rickey Smiley says “She Thick dawwg”

1.  Nia Long @iamnialong *Publishers Pick

Since Boys n The Hood ¬†Nia long has always been the sexy–yes come meet my mother because I love you type. ¬†Yes the previous 9 are cool… but Nia is one you can actually keep. ¬†No disrespect to the others but ¬†Nia Long is the clear champion. I was hella pissed at Lorenzo Tate in Love Jones. ¬†Had to remind myself it was just a movie. ¬†If a Hall Pass truly exists– i would definitely save it for Nia.

What do you think of out list?  Did we leave off anyone?  Laurent London, Mya, Thelma from Goodtimes, Kelly Rowland or Madonna?  What do you think?

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