Rising Star R&B/Hip Hop

There’s a new joint blasting across the airwaves and pumping in the club that I am sure you heard by now “Can’t Trust Thots” by Wash ft. French Montana. We have selected  Wash as a Delux: Rising Star and believe the young singer has the ability and drive to be one of the genre’s mainstays. There is a lot more that I can say about Wash on how you should follow his IG, Vine, and especially Soundcloud where he has cleverly remixed everything from Wale’s The Body, OT Genasis’ Coco, and more but i’ll let Interscope Records newest star speak for himself.

What do your people call you?

Well my nickname is Punch. They also call me Pokie as well.


I’m 24.

Who or what do you represent?

I represent everybody with a dream that’s following their passion trying to succeed in life.


My style and/or skills have been compared to: It changes all the time as far as comparisons are concerned but my influences are the greats such as R. Kelly, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, etc.

Past or Present in any genre who is your favorite artist of all time?

Because I’m inspired by so many I really don’t have a favorite but my top 3 of all time is of course Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Usher.

Describe your fan base:

I would have to say the age ranges anywhere from 6 to 60. I get a lot of support from the ladies of course, guys, elderly people, middle age and the list goes on.

What is your favorite city to party/perform in?

I would have to say Tampa. So far they’ve showed the most love but I’m sure there are places that I haven’t been yet that would show the same amount of love.

How are you going to change the game?

I think only time will tell but I can see myself being one the greats, especially with my ability to play various instruments as well as dance/perform. I feel like it’s something that I was born to do.


I’d like to work with:

I know I’m reaching for the stars but I’d like to work with R. Kelly, Tina Turner, Anita Baker…

My goal in music is:

Being someone that used to work 12 hours a day at the refinery, my goal is to inspire and show people that no dream is too far-fetched.

I’m gonna be the next:

With my God given talent and my team who keeps me grounded and on point, I think I have the capability of being the next big thing.

Do you have a motto or mantra?

I actually have two words of advice that I take with me everywhere and they’re “work with your head down,” meaning don’t celebrate just yet (especially in the early stages), and “continuously strive for better.”


You can follow Wash on Instagram: @theofficialwash

Check out his Soundcloud: OfficialWash on SoundCloud

Keep an eye out for a mixtape from Wash I guarantee you won’t want to miss it!


DeWarren Smith