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Save your relationship myths, because I don’t want to hear it! Remember when meeting people online had that persona, that only lame and desperate people who weren’t cool enough in person dated online? Well, times are changing. Some relationship myths have changed due to the times, and some are just simply not true. With divorce rates in the US close to 50%, its so obvious that we have not been learning what we need to know when choosing the right mate and keeping our romantic relationships alive and healthy. I think its safe to say we all have been learning the WRONG information for years now when it comes to obtaining and sustaining a relationship, especially during the hard times. These modern day relationship myths are responsible for many break- up’s. Please, don’t fall prey to these insidious beliefs . Don’t ruin your chances of finding that special someone.

1) “You have only one “true love” This is your issues. First, make your relationship time, and stability – and co-parenting commonly portrayed in movies, fairy tales, great, and then maybe marriage will be in can be extremely challenging. Extremely

and actually does more harm than good because it sets us up for the belief that we must wait for our true love. And where does that leave those who are getting a divorce?

2) “A good relationship with someone you love doesn’t need sex” Sex is an important – integral – part of intimacy. It’s not something to be rushed into, but to achieve intimacy, we must be able to be vulnerable to our mate.
3) “Once we get married, then everything will be perfect” Unfortunately, relationships don’t work that way. Marriage brings its own array of stresses (financial, legal, etc.) It isn’t a magic pill to fix or improve a relationship. If you can’t be happy together before marriage, it’s unlikely that a ceremony is going to cure

the cards.

4) “All the good ones are taken” This commonly belief helps those of us who are single to feel okay about being single. The truth is, a great mate could be right under your nose! so stop being negative or prepare to be single forever!

5) “True love conquers all” Although a beautiful, romantic notion, it’s the boring Part II of the courtship or marriage that will make or break a couple. There is much more to a relationship than love.

6) “Children will make you closer to your mate” Children are fabulous additions to a life, they can also complicate a situation. Children need love, attention,

challenging if your relationship is already strained.

7) “Relationships are hard work” I don’t know about you but I’d be damn if life becomes just about as much fun as cleaning the toilets and mopping floors. When your with your partner, being together shouldn’t be a chore. Relationships do, however, requires attention and nurturing but it shouldn’t feel like work. Fortunately, when you’re in love, you want to spend time with your mate. Be creative and have fun together.

Do you think some of these are true? What other relationship myths have you been told? Lets Chat.

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