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Have you ever wondered if you could do a specific continued task to keep your spouse, children, parents and self-happy? You can, but first, you should learn how they (You) love. Yes, it sounds mediocre “How do they love” but we all have different love languages.

In the next paragraph, I’ll tell you about the different love languages and help you identify your love language. The Merriam-Webster dictionary says love a strong feeling or constant regard for and dedication to someone or something. I’ll let the five love languages define Love.

1. Quality Time love language says, “I love you so much,” and it’s is my favorite. Spending time with individuals you care about and giving them your undivided attention makes them feel special and appreciated.

2. Gift Receiving love language says “Wow, the thought that you put into this gift, and the effort makes me know that I’m loved and acknowledged.” The gift can be a handcrafted, card, letter, or requested item. This love language is very different from materialistic expectation, but it is an appreciation from the “Thought that counts.”

3. Physical Love is the expression of love through physical touch. The need to be present and tangible all the time. This person often loves holding hands, hugging, pats on the back and any in presence touchy action.

4. Verbal Affirmation love language is the appreciation of compliments. This person appreciates love through verbal gratitude. Their spirit is filled by hearing words like “I Love You, Thank you so much…”

5. Service Love is providing love through service. Yes, services that ease the pressure of a loved one shows them, love. This also includes someone who cares a great deal about someone cleaning their house while they’re sick. This service is free and speaks volumes about the persons who have performed their love through service.

Have you figured out your love language after reading this article?

Comment below if you have. If you have not, take the quiz here and tell me in the comments what your love language may be.


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