If you have style you live the phrase “dressed to the nines” on a daily basis. Well those dapper gentlemen of SYGU decided to bring the grown yet sexy event “The Nines” where grown IS sexy…. Well it was suppose to be grown & sexy.

Let me state for the record that I personally saw one of founders of SYGU repeatedly try to enforce the strict dress code that they put in place. But the powers that be aka The Label’s owners had a different vision for Saturday’s event. I have to say I was looking forward to seeing all of St. Louis’s best dressed out and showing those that aren’t so stylish how it really is done…

Once I entered The Label I was disappointed almost every other guy in the building had on the traditional jeans and button-up. Kudos to State Representative Clem Smith for looking the part and gracing us with your presence, you sure can hang a suit. Back to the rift raft I saw guy with cornrows, men still have braids? Like any other SYGU event early arrival is strongly suggested because you’re sure to sell out and it turn into a real party.

Kudos to The Label on the renovation and the addition of the second floor which turned into “The Nines” Lounge which is where Needles killed it on the wheels of steel. I mean the party was hot… Literally! Needles set was rocking so hard the speaker caught on fire!! Much love to DJ Needles SN: I’m still taking that insurance policy out on you.

Last night wasn’t a true SYGU event and I have to say I left disappointed. It’s not because of SYGU in this case I have to blame the owners of The Label for the poor quality and not upholding to the dress code that they agreed to. I understand the business and money needed to be made but when you jeopardize the integrity of an event as well as the reputation of a promotional company it’s not cool. Those that were truly dressed for the event left. “Thanks to the 12 guys that actually paid attention to the dress code, Its greatly appreciated” said SYGU founder Rhashad midway through the event with just a hint of sarcasm. Needles kept it rocking with the true hip-hop upstairs while another DJ & Mocha Latte kept the first floor entertained. I promise as soon as I hit the steps to the first floor I felt like I was in the middle of Spruill’s/Bottom’s Up/The Broadway East. There were lapdances, leggings, fishnets, and denim mixed with Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj wannabes.

This has me wondering is it possible to have a truly nice event in a black owned venue? In the world of nightlife in St. Louis right now its quantity over quality. Kudos to SYGU for trying to make the quality happen, I have faith that next time it will happen.

Shai Clark

DELUX Magazine
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