Statement from lounge co-owner Chris Little:

“Our deepest condolences go out to Officer Hall’s family for this tragic occurrence that took place last night on our door step. Officer Hall was a regular here at the Label and his friendship with us was extremely special. This tragedy has deeply hurt us as well as shed new light on the extreme issues that our community is facing each day with ignorance and crime. The Label is thankful for the work that our city officers do and takes pride in being the selected venue for the Police Officers Holiday party every year for some of the districts. God bless Officer Hall and thank you for standing up for us and our community.”


St. Louis is mourning one of their fallen heroes — Officer Daryl Hall, 34, who was at the lounge the night of the shooting.  Hall was in plain clothes and went to help diffuse the situation when he heard gunshots outside in the parking lot.  One of the suspects were shot and killed and Hall was pronounced dead early this morning.  One suspect is being held for questioning and 3 weapons were recovered.

St. Louis — no let me change that — Black St. Louis.  We really need to get it together.  It wont be but a matter of time before all our night establishments will be closed.  I dont want to hear any of the racism talk when The city issues a night club curfew or shuts down our favorite locations.  We are the problem.  But we can be the solution.  When did guns become so readily pulled? You scared to throw hands?  You scared you may lose?  Everyone takes an ass whoopin once in their life… but you are able to live.  you are able to breathe, you are able to see your family the next morning.

Black America is in trouble.  We need to all wake up.



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