Your eyes open and as you’re in the midst of that magical morning stretch, you bump into what you quickly remember to be the brazen beauty you’ve been casting your net in attempts to catch for quite a while now. She’s been giving you glimpses of her gaze, but last night she finally gave in and stayed over after the club.  In an early-morning haze, you begin to piece together the moments that lead to this milestone.  As you roll over to confirm that you have indeed bedded the baddest babe in the city, reality sets in and any moment she’s going to hop up and hit the road.

To celebrate your score, don’t get up and do a victory lap around the pad. Instead, try stepping it up to the next level by flexing your culinary competence so you can seal the deal on another round of adult aerobics before she receives the strategically-arranged “emergency call” whisking her away from your reach—killing any options for an encore.

With a few simple ingredients you can create a feast that fits your flow. You’re a bold bachelor, and babes know how you roll.  If you want to extend your night beyond daybreak, follow this recipe to create a sexy meal that will whet her palate leading her to invite you to lick the plate clean—this time around, she won’t be able to blame it on the alcohol.  Yeah, she may be back again, but best-case-scenario, she’ll add that exquisite appetizer to her escapade as she explains to her closest girlfriends and the scandalous ones will be vying for the chance to sample a slice of what you’re serving.


Be sure you read the new Issue of DELUX to get the Morning after recipe…. especially if you have to make up for a lack luster performance… lol

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