As a professional hair stylist, I believe natural hair is neither a trend nor a phenomenon.  No, it is really so much more!

For the many women around the nation that choose to go natural, it’s about freedom. It’s about confidence. Its where sexy, special and unique meet to make beautiful women that need no other validation than that which they get from themselves.  Natural hair is about the woman inside of you.

Romantic as that sounds, going natural may be a stretch for you, but hear me out.  For every reason NOT to go natural, there are three reasons to go natural.  For me, natural hair means COLOR and we all know mixing relaxed hair and color ends in disaster. So, I started wearing my hair natural and while it took trial and error to learn and get used to, I began to relish in the freedom and flyness my natural curls gave me.

Being beautiful is part of being a woman, and a woman should be comfortable and confident in her own skin.  For me that means rocking my natural hair! My natural hair is an extension of my creativity and the perfect fashion accessory.   It sets me apart from the norm and sets my soul free!  There is nothing more rewarding than being recognized for being yourself.

Recently, I was listed in’s “100 Naturalists on Instagram”, and this proves that America is accepting and celebrating women with natural hair. Being included in the list was truly a great moment for me.   I shared the experience with 99 other incredible natural beauties like Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange Knowles and the many fabulous internet savvy women who help us love our natural tresses more every day.

So, For the ladies long in the natural hair game, keep rockin’ your Angela Davis Afros!  And for those on the fence or with questions…remember your hair doesn’t wear you!  You wear your hair!  It’s not about what he says or she says.  It’s about what YOU say…that’s why this is more than a trend, because it’s about you.  And you never go out of style!!!

To Being Free and Fly,

Maria Antoinette

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