From the region known as the Midwest, comes the talented artist M.C, hailing from the north side of St. Louis. A late bloomer, M.C always knew he could rap, but never took it seriously until his senior year of high school when he was put to the test. M.C. battled one of the schools top lyricists and released a verbal assault, forcing his competitor to bow his head and walk away. With winning this battle and gaining respect as well as motivation from his peers, M.C. considers that victory an inspiring moment in his music career, even though he doesn’t consider himself as a battle rapper.


M.C released his mixtape entitled, “Grey Goose, HeadPhones & Thirsty Women”, in June of 2010. To date the Mixtape/Album has over 35,000 downloads and has garnered attention locally and nationally. It boasts features from the Legendary “Twista”, The St. Lunatics & Chingy.  M.C got the attention of Multi-Platinum artist Chingy, back in 2005 when he released his first single to hit the airwaves entitled, “Pull Up” which sampled Chingy’s vocals from “Holidae In”. This led to a friendship between the two artists, and M.C began touring with him. While on Tour with Chingy, M.C met Twista, who happened to take a liking to M.C after hearing the record “I’m Cool”, which referenced the cities of St. Louis and Chicago. Shortly afterwards, Twista recorded with M.C and was featured on the remix of “I’m Cool” which attracted attention on a national and international scale.  M.C has recently released his latest effort entitled “Bachelor Party” which has been received well with fans and hip hop critics.  “Bachelor Party” features the radio singles “LOW” and “I Wantcha” which features American Idol Finalist Aloha Mi’Sho.  The Video single “Make You Proud” has also garnered some attention as well and was accepted for play on MTV.


M.C has received radio play and toured in the United States as well as overseas in markets such as Australia, France, Germany, Papua New Guinea and Japan. M.C also had a video played on BET back in 2005 entitled “The Rich City Boy”, and has been featured in countless newspapers, websites and magazines. While constantly recording and performing, M.C stays humble and focused while putting out good quality music, something the game desperately desires. M.C’s God given talent mixed with his work ethic and fierce determination can only lead to one thing…Greatness!






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