Sunday brunch is a ritual in which we revel. Brunching is all about discovering places which offer the perfect synergy of ambiance, service, and classically delicious and decadent breafasty/lunchy food. Our recent brunch experience lead us to a new place, “Cabana on the Loop.” The food was tasty and gorgeous! We eat with our eyes first, and we truly couldn’t wait to dig in to the artful plates.


Their opening weekend seemed to go well. There were quite a few people dining with us, and even more gawkers staring through the window peeking in to see the new digs. They have a great chalk wall, which they encourage you to sign, and a cereal bar with 20 cereals displayed behind the bar.


The shrimp & grits were delicious. They were perfectly seasoned and served piping hot! There was a Cajun spice and a light sauce surrounding the pillow of grits where the shrimp were placed with care. The grits had an excellent flavor, but the texture was a bit heavy. The catfish and grits dish was slamming! Even a non-catfish-eater would have an appreciation for the execution of the catfish. The crunchy breading was a seamless contrast to the flaky – almost fluffy – fish. Both dishes were served with choice of eggs, which we ordered scrambled with cheddar cheese. They were SO good!


To end our meal, we shared an Apple Carmel Sweetheart Belgian waffle. If you’re a waffle lover, you won’t be disappointed with this one! The apples were warm and cinnamon-spiced, and added a kiss of heat to the crisp fall October Sunday. And it LOOKED delicious!


Ambiance at Cabana on the Loop was cozy and inviting. We were welcomed with smiles and helpful staff. However, it ended quickly. My water glass did not get refilled until I was almost finished, and it was not filled by our server. The server also did not come back and ask how the meal tasted, and did not ask if we needed anything else. Truly, the only miss for the entire visit was the service. We’ll give this experience a “pass” due to the opening kinks, and hope when we return for more of the fantastic food that the servers are more observant.


Overall, Cabana on the Loop is totally worth a trip. We plan to go again soon and try omelets!


Cabana On The Loop

6100 Delmar Ave

Saint Louis MO

Phone (314) 875-0533

7:00am – 3:00pm,

6:00pm – 12:00am

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