Nato Caliph feat. Thelonius Kryptonite and Fallout of iLLPHONICS – U-City Looped


Our own St. Louis legend:  THE Nato Caliph.  As expected, this piece delivers nostalgia to our senses and soothes our tired souls with hope.  The opening of the video is enough to make you pause and rewind, but that knee-jerk reaction doesn’t stop with the reel-you-in intro.  Bar after bar, the hypnotic production and flat out ridiculous lyricism make this an instant classic.  I’m a fan of the trio, and hope they choose to collab more frequently.  They’re coming like two million musicians drumming…

“U-City Looped” Written and Directed by Nato Caliph, once again features the impeccable production of Charles Purnell (STLLegend), and guest verses from Thelonius Kryptonite and Fallout of iLLPHONICS.  The video also marks the third set of visuals from Nato’s full length 6th album entitled “Understanding Understood.”  Cinematography and editing of visuals by Omar O’Hara of Red Razor Media.

Thelonious Kryptonite is dropping the one-liners in this like nobody’s business.  I knew he was talented, but gah-daym, Sun!  He really does blow fire like double dragons!  Delivering an unwavering flow, Kryptonite just kept it coming, and I truly hated to hear him stop.  The grandiose and mildly megalomaniacal tendency of his lyrics gives me LIFE!  For REAL!  I eat that stuff for lunch and keep on going!

Fallout of Illphonics was a killer.   He’s just having a blast, and it showed.  Unorthodox approach?  I think so.  His style is notably poetic and is reminiscent of a modern William Wordsworth.  I swear I *almost* heard, “A slumber did my spirit seal,” but nah!  And his vocal delivery offers an air of a timeless soul.  I have a feeling we’re going to hear more from this gentleman.  And hopefully sooner than later.

“Simply put, “U-City Looped” is continuous, both musically and visually… Peace #STL #JusticeForAll,” says Nato Caliph of his new single.

This trio created something magical.  We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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