7 seconds

Police brutality has been at the forefront of conversations within the US over the past few years. In Seven Seconds, Netflix takes a brazen approach on a prevalent issue that has been ignored for decades. Show creator, Veena Sud attempts to shed a light on the problem in her new show.

Over the last ten years, citizens have watched the lives of unarmed black men be taken away by law enforcement with no accountability. Sud felt as if she was compelled to do something with this new series. Seven Seconds focuses on an African-American teen (Brenton Butler) in New Jersey who is left for dead by the police after a hit-and-run and is left in the cold for hours to perish.

The incident like many of the real-life occurrences like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and others many people have come to witness.

“One of the most provocative things for me watching all these killings happen on television and overhearing and seeing these young people, whether it’s Tamir Rice or Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin left on the ground for so long,” Sud stated in a CNN interview.

Actress Clare Hope-Ashitey plays a fed-up prosecutor who is constantly mistreated by her white colleagues. Regina King gives a heart-warming performance as Latrice Butler, the mother of the slain teen.

The show is scheduled to premiere on February 23. Watch am exclusive clip of the series below.


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