The latest true crime docuseries to hit Netflix is already inspiring some legal tumult: Who Killed Malcolm X has prompted the New York district attorney to review the case, nearly 55 years after the human rights activist was assassinated. The primary subject of filmmakers Phil Bertelsen and Rachel Dretzen is Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, an amateur investigator who digs into the story and exposes inconsistencies, possible coverups and maybe even a conspiracy behind the official record of the murder. Now that his claims have been deemed credible and not just the stuff of sensationalist television, how can we not watch in total fascination?

Our Take: This story sells itself. Who Killed Malcolm X? doesn’t need gimmicks to inspire our interest, just diligent journalism. And one episode in, its perspective is coercive. Initially, we wonder if Abdul-Rahman Muhammad is an over the top conspiracy theorist but we soon realize he’s confident and reasonably credible, and not a tinfoil-hat shit starter. One reason to keep watching is to learn more about this guy and his thirst for the truth. Even goes to Newark where it is said that the Malcom X hit originated.

The other reasons are obvious, since Muhammad reportedly turns over some compelling evidence during the next five episodes. It’s also a thoughtful history lesson, and promises to be an invigorated refresher course on Malcolm’s beliefs, influence and unrealized potential — and his martyrdom. If the series fulfills its promise to recontextualize the man’s philosophies within America’s modern social and political climate, it may be essential viewing.

This is a definite must watch. The compelling evidence is so obviously slanted. Why has it taken us 55 years to reinvestigate. From J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to the Cointelpro used against the Nation of Islam to create the thickening wedge between Malcolm X and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

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