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Jamilah Nasheed is running for re-election to Missouri’s 5th Senatorial District. She has served St. Louis there for the past four years. So far, Jamilah has been a leader in the legislature, forming coalitions to advocate for issues that matter and standing against injustice.


Jamilah came from the grassroots and has remained committed to fighting for everyone in her community. Born Jenise Williams, her grandmother raised her and her three brothers in the Darst-Webbe housing projects. She’s never forgotten where she came from. When she was 19, she found Islam and changed her name. A few years later, she started the first independent African-American female bookstore in North St. Louis and promoted the importance of reading.


Looking at the problems facing her community, Jamilah knew she wanted to roll up her sleeves and find solutions. After years of grassroots organizing, she ran for the State House and was elected in 2007.


Despite all the gridlock and partisanship seen in our legislature, Jamilah has been effective from day one. Again and again, she has secured state funds for community organizations in St. Louis and she’s led our government on issues like ‘Ban the Box’ and law enforcement reform. From a bill giving Harris Stowe the opportunity to present graduate degrees to one fighting blighted and abandoned properties, Jamilah has gotten many bills signed into law. And, she has stood firmly against laws she does not believe in, like those threatening voting, organizing, and reproductive rights.


“There issues still facing us, so I still have fighting to do. We’re seeing gun violence, so I want responsible gun laws. We’re about to see an influx of jobs in North St. Louis from the NGA, so I want to create more job training opportunities. And, we’re seeing children pass through school without learning and getting ready for adulthood, so I want to stop social promotion and help schools start educating better. I need your support so I can keep working with you to move St. Louis forward and bring a voice to the voiceless.”

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