I listen to music all day, everyday. On almost every occasion that I listen to music, I always come across a new artist. Today is no different. My ears had the pleasure of listening to an up and coming soulful singer by the name of Courtnie. Courtnie, who is from Brooklyn (by way of Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis), released her new single, “Heart’s Desire” on July 27th.  I’m very critical when it comes to music in general, but there was no denying what I was feeling when I heard her new track. When I initially heard it, I was instantly hooked. In the beginning of the second verse, she sings, “You fill a void I never knew I had / I never knew I was half full…” That really spoke to me. Her vocals as well as the lyrics are raw, vulnerable and mesmerizing and producer, Brandon Combs, really conveys the very essence of who she is. She brings her own surrealness and uniqueness to the R&B, neo-soul genre.  My heart desired to hear more music from this talented young woman (no pun intended, or maybe it was). Courtnie’s future is looking pretty bright and I’m excited to see where her journey will take her.

Also, check out her EP, Nebula on Souncloud.

Listen to Courtnie’s new single below.


Victoria Dickson
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