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Friday, July 29th, Dru Hill took the stage of Ball Park Village. This marked the 2nd installation of the annual “District Rhythm Series.” In June, they brought Mint Condition to STL, and each show is continually getting more and more about who really rocks with the artist vs. St. Louis’ unpredictable weather.

The night started off raining and really weeding out the fans from the fashionable, the same as it did the last show. During the climax of Mint Condition, the crowd had to pull out their umbrella’s to dodge the rain because simply leaving the front was not an option.

During the beginning of Dru Hill’s concert, the opener, Dirty Muggs, got to perform their songs and other popular covers to a crowd of soaked fans. Most of the people were hiding under the canapé’s and sponsorship booths so they wont get their hair or outfits wet. I also saw a handful of people inside Ball Park village catching a bite to eat, while awaiting the end of the rain and the beginning of Dru Hill.

This show started off with a bang, the rain stopped, the band came out first and Dru Hill came out in all their old time glory. Dru Hill still had the hops they did when I first saw their video’s in the early 2000’s. The only thing that has changed is a new member by the name of Tao. Other then that, they still entertained the 400 plus crowd of Ball Park Village.

Dru Hill has not been together in over 20 years, and because of this being their 20-year-anniversary since they came out of high-school, they made sure to do a Sisqo set. During this portion of the concert, Sisqo came out with 2 dancers and performed several of his hits. One of them being “The Thong Song” and another being his most popular, contrary to believes, “Incomplete”.

Members of Dru Hill celebrated the life of Prince with several cover songs. They also honored the death of Freddie Gray with a tribute song. This was one of the newest song they’ve written as a group and you would have had to be there to really appreciate it.

Following the concert, I got to visit the band and catch up with a few members of the crowd. Dawntanya Smith, one of the lucky few who got to visit with the band following the show had this to say about the show; “Every once in a while, you have to be reminded that good R&B music really existed, Thank you Dru Hill.”

This concert was an experience of a life-time. For anyone who was alive during the late 90’s who really got to experience R&B, this concert was for you. Make sure you’re at the next District Rhythms concert if you missed this one!