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Get a taste of what the local Art Community has to offer with VibesSTL: A Grand Arts Event. Saturday, July 30th, Vibes will be starting at 6pm and ending tentatively at 1am.

VibesSTL has steadily been rocking the art community of St. Louis for 3 years now. Each of the 5 times it has occurred, its bringing people together to network and push each other artistically. This show will be the 3rd year since the first Vibes blessed the minds of Ciej and Rell.

This year, VibesSTL will be located on the 3 floored, 2720 Cherokee Street. Each floor will be featuring a collaboration of local artists from both St. Louis and outside of St. Louis, giving them all a chance to showcase their artistic creations. With this show being fifty percent art, and fifty percent music, you are in for a show.

The event is $20, cash, to get in at the door and a portion of the proceeds will go towards “The Finesse Center,” a Community Art Center where local artist can come together and work.

VibesSTL will feature singers, visual artist, merchandise vendors, decadent edible artist and a purpose that we can all be happy with.


For ticket information, visit:

For more information on the Finess Center, Visit: