Lupus is an autoimmune disease and internally what happens is, your immune system attacks your healthy and normal tissues in your body. This disease affects 1.5 million people. Lupus comes in different forms such as
systemic lupus erythematosus, known as SLE, drug -induced lupus erythematosus, cutaneous lupus erythematosus, and neonatal lupus.

Out of all the people who have Lupus, 90% of them are women and African Americans are 2-3 times more likely to get it. Some lupus survivors did not have major symptoms leading up to their diagnosis. Studies say survivors develop the disease as young as 15 years old and as old as 45 years old. People living with lupus can live a normal lifespan with the proper treatment. Majority of the time, lupus is hereditary especially from immediate familiar members.

“Never tell someone they don’t look ‘sick.’ Sick doesn’t have a face. People with lupus are constantly fighting to function and the last thing we need is to be told we don’t have an illness because we don’t look like it.” —Chantel Wilson

Lupus warrior Chantel Wilson is living with lupus and she says the symptoms she endures are joint pains, high blood pressure, headaches/migraines, swollen ankles, feet, fingers, which makes it hard for her to use her hands. She says some days she is unable to walk and get random fevers. Everyday is something new to her. Every person symptoms are different; some get rashes, skin lesions, shortness of breath and many more. Chantel says she advises people to watch what they eat because that is where a lot of different illnesses come from.

Be kind to those with lupus and any other disease. They could be putting on a smile but really hurting inside.

Come join the Walk to end Lupus this Saturday May 18 at The Chesterfield Central Park & Amphitheater from 9a-12pm. You can register on the website on the website here –>

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