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Entrepreneur and author Veronica N. Chapman has published an inspirational and empowering children’s book titled King Khalid is PROUD whose captivating text and illustrations encourage creativity, intellectual curiosity, and self-esteem.

Troubled by the insidious narratives that assault the spirits of young Black boys, Chapman decided to take a stand by creating a counter-narrative. King Khalid is PROUD tells the story of a brilliant boy named King Khalid, whose love for video games drives him to design his own.

Veronica N. Chapman is no stranger to art nor activism as her résumé will attest. She is the founder of Boxxout Enterprises, a company that designs creative solutions for social change. “I’ve always been committed to using my talents and experiences to motivate and educate young people, and to make a positive impact in the world,” Chapman explains.

To no surprise, Chapman’s latest work, King Khalid is PROUD, is an artistic response to the dehumanization of Black boys. “I write to combat any internalized racism that Black children of the African Diaspora may develop as a consequence of living in hostile environments.” Even in the book dedication for her new title, speaking of a young boy she met while writing the book, Chapman implores readers to “work together to make this world one that values and protects his life, his brilliance, and his joy.”

If there is a little “King Khalid” in your life and you too want him to feel proud and empowered, King Khalid is PROUD is required reading. And be sure to grab Chapman’s I Know I Can! title for him as well. The two books are packed with transformative love and affirmation.

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