So as most of you know I’m a huge Stumbler fan( for those that dont know click on that green and blue circle down below). SO I run across this article written by Amber Bravo over at The Fader.  Great article by the way… But apparently the creative genius that Hype Williams used in the opening sequence foy Kanye’s new single “All of the Lights” belong to Gaspar Noé’s new film Enter the Void.  Uh yeah.

In my open all creativity is sparked by something.  Nothing is truely created.  Christopher Columbus discovered N. America but how can one discover something that has already been there… Not sure if my point was made but I like to sip on Ciroc as I blog.  Converse once was the only basketball shoe in the world. Now you have NIKE, Reebok, Adidas and tons of others. Anyway… you catch my drift

But the fans over at favor said Kanye “Guilty as Charged” I say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Kanye you just made Gaspar Noe famous across 7 differnt continents.  Cut him a check if need be but you’ve made him 7 figures richer just for being inspired. #POWER..

Oh by the way check out the 2 videos below plus what Ye said on twitter.. you judge and comment below..




update: ok well must be some validity to the copy write infringement.  “Somebody” has pulled “All the Lights” from youtube, vimeo, worldstar, and even Kanye’s own site… #StayTuned


Kayne tweet:

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