New week, new opportunities!

It’s the start of the work week for most of us, and for some it’s our least favorite day. I don’t know if it’s just me, but do Monday’s drag and seem never ending? I know I lay in bed most Monday mornings wishing to get a couple more hours of rest while wondering why the heck we don’t have three-day weekends in the first place!

It takes me forever to get up, get energized, and prepare for Mondays in the office. But today, I woke up with plans of making the best of this dreadful Monday and the rest of the week. It’s a new week with new opportunities and it’s up to us to take advantage and make the most of our time.

  • Plan your time – A lot of times it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything accomplished. You can maximize your time and make sure you check off all of your to do’s of the day by planning effectively. Grab a planner and write down everything you want to do for the day. Prioritize them based on importance. Get detailed and use your planner to stay on top of your goals. If you have a short mind like me, you may need a planner to keep you on track.
  • Stay confident and stay focused – Your frame of mind will help set the tone for the week. It’s impossible to stay focused and complete all your goals with a shaky mindset. Positive thoughts and energy bring positivity in your life. Lead your days with positivity and love and watch how your day goes. Stay confident in yourself and your craft. You can do whatever that you put your mind to and work for. Keep pushing!

Relax, relate, release (Whitney Gilbert voice)!


Relax! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and tense up when trying to accomplish all your goals for the week. That’s what gives you the Monday blues. You want to relax and remain calm so that you can complete all of your tasks.

Relate! Look back at previous weeks and reflect on some of the things you did that were not conducive to achieving your goals. Take note of these things and see what can be changed for this work week. Remember to stay productive to make this a successful week.

Release! Release the tension in your body, release the bad energy, and release the doubt. Release by doing something you enjoy after a long productive day. Whether it’s exercising, taking a walk in a park, taking a spa day, or having wine with your lover or friends. Do something that makes you feel good and release, so you can begin the next day/week with a bang.

Take on this week like a boss! Don’t let the Monday blues take over and stop you from reaching your goals for the week. You can push through and make the best of all the hours you have in a day. I hope you all have a productive Monday. Let’s kill the rest of the week.

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