Truth is—often times we see or hear the word trigger and instantly think negative. Have you ever considered that there is a balance of triggers in your life? Think about it anger is a triggered, but so is love. Why do we pay more attention to the negative triggers? Let’s dive into this a bit—shall we?

YES, WE SHALL! Yes, I answered for you 😁

Recognize the Real!
Getting the mind to balance the positive and the negative can be a task. It’s life changing so it should be an ongoing effort on your part to improve. Think about the last time you had a great time while you were on a date, out with the ladies or fellas, or was proud of something you accomplished in your career. Now think about the things that led up to those awesome feelings. Guess what, you just recognized some triggers!

Give Me More!
I have a mentor/friend that always says, “What you don’t feed dies.” The Truth Is we are all guilty of giving negativity, haters, and anger way too much to feed on. Today we will reverse that counterproductive action with a positive plan of action!

As you know to change your mindset you have to be willing and disciplined! Here are three things to help you get your plan of action:

1. Journal, blog, vlog do one or any combination that helps you. Capture those positive triggers as often and as detailed as possible. Use them to center yourself on the days you are off balance.

2. Get those you love, and trust involved. Ask questions about your happiest moments with them and discuss the events that led up to those moments.

3. Realize it is a process and there will he challenges along the way! Take the lesson and keep pushing forward! The Truth Is there is no place to go but up!

Until next time!

Xo, Tonya Rush💋

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