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Truth IS….you do know that you can be rock star level amazing and a person can still not love you…don’t you? This starts from an early age, but most don’t relate it to their adult lives because honestly and frankly speaking, most people don’t spend time on their own personal development. So, they don’t recognize signs that are bright red flashing lights simply playing themselves out in another way.

I’m not going to speak in code on this one or sugarcoat it! Let’s just deal with infidelity for instance. Women are so quick to blame themselves when a man cheat on them. You’ll be around here second guessing every choice or decision you’ve ever made in life just because this one human decided to stick his pecker in another woman that not only doesn’t respect herself, but when you see her, you’re looking at him like, “You’ve got to be joking!” It’s completely laughable when you can look back on it, but in the moment you’re devastated.

But what I will share is….

It has nothing to do with you! Or her for that matter. And the only way you’ll be able to test this theory is to simply, keep right on living! I don’t mean existing, but truly start living and you will realize that a person isn’t always saying no to you, but merely choosing themselves.

Truth IS….their flesh will make decisions that can change the course of their entire lives and they still don’t care. It’s a cruel reality, but the male species is just wired a bit different. They aren’t always led by their heart or their mind. They have another piece of anatomy that leads them, and I just thank God every day I was born a woman because I know more men than not that have found themselves in a pickle and the heart or mind were never even considered in the equation.

I stopped caring if anyone else loved or accepted me. I simply decided that I would love on and care for me in a way that no man or human on earth could ever make me second guess how amazing I am. Get to know yourself and learn to accept and deal with all parts of you.

Truth IS….When you arrive at this place you also learn to deal or not deal with others based on who they truly are and not what you want them to be!

Until next time!

Xo, Tonya Rush 💋

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