What makes you dope as an individual? By dope, I mean the Urban Dictionary 5th definition, which is “adjective: cool, nice, awesome.” If a random person walked up to you on the street and asked you, “what makes you dope?” In translation, what makes you an awesome person? A cool person?

Are you dope because you have your own car and house? Or maybe, you’re dope because you are a mom and can juggle that plus being a student, and business woman?

Perhaps, it’s nothing of a materialistic nature versus an accomplishment and goal you set for yourself. Could you be dope because you beat the odds of becoming a statistic; such as graduating high school and college—dodging teen pregnancy—and even overcoming the negative image of a black person making it out of the hood?

Or are you dope because you’re the first in your family to get a college degree which paves the way for others younger than you in your family—and you vowed never to settle for less?

Your dopeness could be possibly be contributed to people who helped you along the way, or you are able to do something for someone else.

Are you dope because of your family and they shaped you to who you are today? Possibly you feel are you dope because you are a martial arts teacher and now you can teach other something new and a unique way to protect themselves, or you’re dope because you can dissect animals and be a teacher to others?

Most times, the challenges we face and adversity we overcome is what we feel makes us dope. Could you be dope because you came from being homeless to a self-sufficient business owner under 30? Maybe you’re a hit and run survivor who lived to tell your story. Or perhaps, its something out of your control like being a Black man in America who’s faced discrimination and you are still alive, beating another tough statistic?

Are you dope because you are a creative spirit and love creating new experiences—or you want to reach one teach one and help heal the world one human interaction at a time?

Are you dope because you are a good friend who doesn’t judge and can understand them as well as call them out on their behavioral problems?

I think it is important to figure out why are great. The typical cliché answer to the question, “I’m dope because I’m me” is okay, but seriously what makes you dope? Yes, your family can shape you into the person you are, but besides that, what kind of a dope person did they shape you into?

If you can’t think of ANYTHING that makes you a dope person, that makes you a great individually then I CHALLENGE YOU to figure it out, to self-reflect and find the answers.

If you know why you are a dope person, an awesome person, a great individual, comment it below and be sure to follow me on Instagram @DaniiGold.Bri



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