Ammunition of Ambition

Your ambition is what gives you the desire to execute your dreams.Your ambition is what propels your desire to achieve.Your ambition is what pushes you to practice and perfect.Your ambition is what will keep you strong during life’s defects.There will be times when life seems less than grand, but use your ambition as your ammunition to withstand.

You, my friend, are a force to be reckoned with. You are your greatest asset and your most powerful weapon. You were born with gifts and talents so grand that the only person that can keep you from being great is YOU!

Many of us struggle with the lack of ambition and the lack of strength to fight under pressure. We allow so much greatness to lay dormant inside of us, because we give up on our dreams when things get tough. When you find yourself on the battlefield of life, know that you are the weapon to overcome, and you have the power to conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

Ammunition of Ambition

There are some mornings I lack the motivation to get out of bed, and to be honest this morning was one of those days. I whined for a moment at the thought of having to get up, but then I realized, how dare I take for granted the opportunity to breathe, to live, to be happy, to achieve. How selfish is it to take for granted the ability I have to get out of bed and take on another day of life. I thought about my mother smiling down on me from heaven, and I instantly got out of my morning funk. Sometimes that is all we need, a reminder, that life is beautiful, and that we are blessed.

Find what drives your ambition and use it as a daily reminder of why you wake up every morning to work as hard as you do. Let your ambition to be a great mother, a great writer, a great musician, be what pushes you to fight even on those tough days. Sometimes you will need to tell yourself that you’ve got this! Yes, we know, you’re tired. We know, you worked late. We know, you have been feeling sad, but today is a new day. Don’t settle in mediocrity, by waving that white flag of surrender. Don’t feel defeated by your circumstance, because better days are coming. Life is a battlefield. It can be harsh, unruly and unfair many times. But, you are a powerful weapon, designed for this battle. It is obvious that a weapon is of no use without a little ammunition, so it is vital when you get discouraged, set fire to your ambition!



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