It’s officially spring, and the flowers are blooming, and our grey skies are being rejuvenated by comforting rays of sweet sunshine. As a St. Louis native, I know all about living in seasons, but spring is by far my favorite, because it is a time of new beginnings, a time of warmth and a time to blossom. To be honest, I had one of the coldest winters ever, and now I am feeling more ready than ever to get my glow on this spring.

Grab a note pad, because this spring the flowers are not going to be the only thing blossoming. This is a great day to begin your self success journey, so here’s 4 things we can do this season to promote self growth.


Really take time out today for a moment of reflection. Think about the highlights and lowlights of your last season. What did you accomplish? What did you learn? What did you lose? What did you gain?

Spring Clean

Go through your home, your purse, your contacts and your friend groups and eliminate all the toxins in your life. Challenge yourself to do a clean sweep of anything that is taking up unnecessary space, and make room for prosperity this season.

Eliminate a Bad Habit

Every year I look forward to attacking my new year’s resolutions, and 95% of them fail, mostly because I try to do way to much at one time. So this season, practice eliminating just one bad habit, and make that your focus. For example, my bad habit I would like to eliminate this season is drinking an excessive amount of soda. I would like to challenge myself to live a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthier starts with eliminating bad eating habits. This season, I plan to eliminate soda with more water and fruit juices, for those days I feel like I need something a little sweet. What bad habit habit would you like to focus on eliminating?

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations 

Set three realistic goals that will guide you to your long term goals. My personal focus is to grow and develop my social media presence for my business. My three realistic goals this season are to #1) schedule and complete a photo shoot, #2) schedule social media and blog posts and #3) develop a daily social media routine for my business. Once your goals are established, the next step is to set a deadline to complete each tasks so that you can hold yourself accountable for accomplishing each goal.

Goal setting is an important part of your self growth journey, but it is also important to understand your expectations for what success looks like along the way for both yourself and your business.

What does self care success look like for you this season?

-Working out, cooking more at home, allowing my body to rest,

scheduling self care, writing daily, more self reflection and mediation.

What does success for my business look like this season?

-Reaching 20 published articles and having several articles

submitted to publications looking for writers. 

– Increasing my followers, completing a successful photoshoot

and using the photos to promote my brand,  printing business

cards and networking at local events.


Now that you have reflected on these questions, put your notes in a place where you can view it daily. Join a community of other creators and entrepreneurs who can support you along your self growth journey. This is only the beginning of this new season in your life. Embrace the sweet aroma of this moment and allow yourself to blossom within it.


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