Exfoliation can definitely prove to be very beneficial for your skin. On the flip side, too much of one thing can be damaging. Finding a happy balance when you exfoliate is key to getting a glow that even Beyonce would be jealous of.

Every person is different when it comes to how much exfoliation the skin can handle. While oily skin types can handle heavy exfoliation twice a week, a sensitive skin type would suffice with a gentle scrub once a week if that.

So how do you know if you are doing too much?


1. Scrubbing every day.

Do you find yourself grabbing the ol’ faithful Clarisonic every morning and night? Doing this can lead to dry, itchy or inflamed skin and is a sure sign you are over-exfoliating. At best, use your cleansing brush twice a week instead of twice of day.

Don’t forget to change your cleansing brush head every 2-3 months.

2. Too many exfoliating products

Many cleansers, toners and moisturizers are full of exfoliating ingredients. You could be exfoliating 2-3 different times every morning and night and not even notice it. Your skin doesn’t have a chance to properly recover because of the excessive use of exfoliating products. Check your label ingredients for exfoliators such as scrubbing beads and acids of any percentage.


3. Dry, flaky skin

Do you use a scrub daily and notice your skin is peeling and flaky even after moisturizing? This is a sign that you are over-exfoliating.

A rough texture on your skin is normally a good sign that it’s time to exfoliate. In this case, it can also mean that you have exfoliated too much and comprised your skin’s surface. Your skin cell’s turnover every 28 days, and if you over exfoliate, you are damaging your fresh skin cells which results in dry, flaky skin.


Did any of these signs resonate with you? Share your exfoliation routine in the comments below.




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