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As women we are constantly bombarded with new beauty skincare products and it can slightly be overwhelming. Trying to figure out what really works with and/or on our skin type can be frustrating. We’re constantly caught between should we just follow the hype, jumping on the bandwagon of the newest beauty products or follow behind what all our friends are obsessed with it. A couple of weeks ago, I met Laila Mensah, the sensational founder of Wild Seed Botanicals— the plant powered artisan skin food skincare line (sounds cool right).

Suddenly struck by her glowing caramel skin complexion, I definitely needed to follow her skin care regimen. Laila who has many accolades to her name such as Business Law & Public Relations graduate— one of the biggest Youtubers for women of color—and now a beauty entrepreneur. Laila and I discussed the new brand, why natural skin products is the way forward, and her journey on becoming an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

DELUX: Hello Laila, Can you tell me a bit about your brand and where did the name of your brand come from?

LM:Being present in this culture of holistic living eventually lead me to Wild Seed, I wanted to create a range of products that were simply put, Seed to Skin. Moving away from mainstream cosmetics that are laden with synthetics and fillers, Wild Seed brings products that are not only efficacious but foster a sense of wellness by helping you reconnect to yourself through nature itself.

The Brand name was inspired by two things, Asase Yaa—the epitome of strength and grace. She’s wild, disruptive, and fierce. Everything she gives us begins with a seed, life itself begins with a seed and so Wild Seed was born. I originally had my Eureka moment while organizing my bookshelf, I pulled out one of my favorite books of all time.

As I randomly flicked through the pages, I thought of the main character Anyanwu—and how much she reminded me of the stories about Asase Yaa. At that moment, I knew the brand would be called Wild Seed… what better an ode to 3 great women, Asase Yaa, Anyanwu & Octavia E. Butler.

wild seed

DELUX: Tell our readers what your career background consist of?

LM: After gaining a degree in Business Law & Public Relations, I went on to work in Digital Marketing within the beauty and fashion space as an Account Manager. Alongside this, I started a YouTube channel while in school to share my journey as a black woman re-embracing my natural hair. What initially started out as a hobby became a personal mission to help other black women to accept their God-given beauty by shifting paradigms.

DELUX: Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

LM: Always! I never knew how or in what but knew that at some point I needed to work for myself doing something that I loved while sharing my gifts and serving others. I initially thought that I would eventually be moving into Digital consultancy and work on private clients, I was determined to make the most of the degree that I had paid for.

I never really thought about taking my love for formulating to a level that would generate income for me, I just didn’t think anyone would buy into the vision. With encouragement from friends, family, and a huge push from my YouTube supporters, I finally decided to take that leap.

Our products are all natural, vegan-friendly, and specifically formulated to solve the problems we experience as people of color. We use raw potent extracts and botanicals that far surpass our synthetic laden counterparts. Unlike other skincare brands, we seek to bring you not just products but a new way of thinking, of connecting and rediscovering.

Our beauty rituals are created with self-care at its core, an escape from the stresses of the world and a moment to be kind to yourself and intentional.

For more about Wild Seed Botanticals, be sure to follow them on Instagram @wildseedbotanicals or check out her site at www.wildseedbotanicals.com.


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