Looking good doesn’t just stop at the gym guys…you have to be able to dress the part too. Need a little help?? Check out these quick tips 

Chuck the CHUCKS…dunk the DUNKS…and opt for a sleek, casual sneaker. A casual sneaker can easily take you from work appropriate to club necessary in a heartbeat.
<<<<<Check out these kicks from Aldo.


SKINNY VS. SLIM – Leave the skinny jeans to the chicks and the skaters. Look for Slim Cut to help with definition and creating visuals, and the fellas are all about the visuals too. But remember, slim does not = tight. #FAIL



CHINOS aren’t just for work, they’re for play too! Pair them with a solid V-neck and a nice pair of casual tennis, and you are #WINNING! Check out these from the GAP.>>>>


Men have accessories too…contrary to popular belief. Most stores carry fashionable men’s rings and bracelets, aside from the belts and necklaces. I know for most men, fashion jewelry is still a questionable trend – so you can always just go with a sleek watch. Remember: BLING was a thing of the 90s. Too much glitter will make the ladies snicker LOL.




BE AFRAID OF COLOR! No seriously. Leave the neon pants and shoes to Lil Wayne [insert laughter here]. For optimal color blocking, use two or three colors at the most – maybe a grey, white, and yellow pattern…or salmon, navy and graphite. Real men wear pink!

<<<<Check out this V-neck from American Apparel.




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