Counting calories and eating healthy doesn’t just stop at the dinner table anymore – now you can check your waist at the bar too!


Although not necessarily healthy [the doc probably won’t add these to the diet…smh], most restaurants and bars are offering calorie-stricken alcoholic beverages to help with weight management.




Houlihan’s offers several low calorie drinks, including a Skinny Raspberry Mojito, which features Bacardi Rum, fresh raspberry, mint, lime and soda. They also offer a Diet Vanilla Coke [which is soooo good] that mixes Absolut Vanilla and Diet Coke. All of their “skinny” options are under 125 calories.


Also popular is the Skinny Girl Margarita, created by Bethany Frankel (from Bravo’s Real Houswives of New York). Sold in stores, this premixed cocktail features Blue Agave Clear Tequila and lightly sweetened Agave nectar. It advertises 100 calories per 4oz – now if you’re familiar with measurements, you’ll know that it at least takes 8oz to fill a glass and 4 more oz to fill a standard margarita glass. That’s where they get you.

Obviously the point with “Skinny” cocktails is to help cut back on calories, not to make you lose weight. By adding lightly sweetened all natural juices or even fresh fruit instead of syrups and sugary fruit juices, you can slash easily slash between 200 and 500 calories per drink.

An easy rule of thumb to remember while out is to order your drink with water or club soda instead of soda or juice. I’ll admit, it is an acquired taste [tequila and club soda is NASTY] but it will save you from the hidden damage of a rum & coke or vodka & cranberry.


And GUYS, you can drink ‘skinny’ too! Most places carry light beers and ales that you can take advantage of.



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