According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary the term “Urban” refers to :relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city, but for some odd reason people have this term totally misconstrued. When people hear the word “Urban,”  they automatically assume “black people” which is not true. When I think of the word urban, a multitude of things come into my head like trendsetter, hipsters, city buildings, city living, night life, and music heads with Beats By Dre around their necks arguing over which track on so and so’s album, that “captures the true essence of [insert music genre here.]


Anyway, you get the point at which I am trying to make. If not, please read carefully: Whether you’re Asian, Haitian, Black, Hispanic, or White, if you fall into the characteristics of a person that enjoys city living, or any of the things I named above; you my friend are apart of what I like the call the “The Urban Community”

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