Our community has been shrouded in negativity. Gun violence, domestic abuse, and mass incarceration has plagued the homes of minorities. Even with all the accomplishments we’ve acquired in education, activism, and entrepreneurship, we still have a long way to go. Corey Black is one of many who think the best people to save our people is our people.


“We’ve been living like this for so long that it has become easy to see. We need to set some time aside to learn to love ourselves and protect each other. We need to spread love and preserve life. It takes everyone to get there.”

Corey Black is hosting a community focused event titled “Every Black Man” to persevere from all these negative things happening in our community. “Every Black Man” is a gathering. A fellowship for all to congregate and discuss, the beautiful, the ugly, and the traumatic aspects of our community. Corey Black is an artist, business owner, and creator of EBM. He wants this to be a movement for everyone to come together and BE the change we need to grow as a collective of people. He has been clear that no one is to be labelled or excluded. Instead, we are encouraged to put aside our difference, uplift and love one another.

“You might cheat in your relationship, whether it be with a woman or a man. You might have a drinking problem. You might suffer from depression. You might have some felonies. You might beat your companion physically and verbally. You might steal from your job. You might smoke a lot of weed. You might be addicted to porn. You might be self-conscious about your weight or looks. You might be insecure. You might hate your life. You might hide behind your work. You might be shady and reckless. You might neglect your children…. None of us are perfect. I don’t care. You’re all my brothers, and I love you and your flaws, and I want you to hang out in the park with me so we can figure some things out, and smile with each other. That’s all this is.”

Don’t be deterred, Every Black Man is no Million Man March, but it is an opportunity for our brothers to spread love and feel proud. Corey simply wants to see our community in the park smiling, living, and loving. He describes EBM as a love fest. A safe space for us to not only improve ourselves, but also show how much we truly love and appreciate our men, women, and children.

“It’s like Father’s Day and Juneteenth. A day to be around Black men who love life. This has nothing to do with lifestyle choices. We will discuss those issues, but this gathering is a love fest. If we have the energy to fight each other, we have the energy to love each other.”

Every Black Man is an important gathering that needs to be attended by all members of our community. There will be no villains here. Just people spreading love to those who need a little more love than others. It is also not exclusive to just black men. Women, children, and people of all colors are invited to spread the love and joy that is us. Everyone from every background is wanted.

“What would it take to get every black man in STL that was physically able to meet, on Art Hill Sunday June 19th, and just fellowship, burn sage, pray for our incarcerated, pray for our brothers that have passed, tribute our ancestors, uplift each other, and make arrangements to better ourselves, our women, our children, our homes, and our communities?”

It wouldn’t take any more than a desire to improve ourselves. We hope to see you out on June 19th at Art Hill in Forest Park. Its time to be the change we wish to see.

You can gain information about this event by joining the event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1616573041966858/


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