Tie Tailor is on a mission to bring Soul back to the music scene. He’s more than a simple crooner. He writes lyrics about all of the facets of being a man, including all of life’s ups and downs. Singing love songs is not enough for this upcoming artist. Tie wants to make music everyone can relate to.

“I want to be an inspiration for people to be authentically themselves and to give great lyrics and compositions to everyone around the world. My debut album, Tie Tailor Season, is all about inspiration and aspirations. Believing in your dreams and grinding hard to achieve them.”


This artist has been singing for many years and is ready to take his career to the next level musically. With a debuting album hitting online music stores on Nov. 25th, he is taking promising steps forward. Tie Tailor Season is upon us, but don’t expect a typical R&B album. He hopes for much more depth and substance.

“When I began writing my first song, It Won’t Change, I asked myself what would set me apart from other artists/singers. I didn’t want to write lovey dovey, baby I need you, songs. I didn’t want to cater my music to only women. I wanted to make music that dudes could relate and ride out to as well. My album is about the journey of life and all its ups and downs. It is also very inspired by the St. Louis hip hop scene. My next video will be for My Moment, produced by Leon ‘Lezzy’ Calvin. The video was shot by Reggie Miller. This song took me four months to write. It is about living in the moment and knowing it’s your time to shine.”


Tie Tailor also plans to use his platform to help progress his community and inspire the children.

“I want to start a foundation that helps end inner city violence and homelessness. I also want to focus on education. I want to inspire the kids to be true to themselves. To do whatever they want with their lives and giving it their very best, nothing less. You have to be the change you want to see.”

You can catch Tie Tailor at his Album Release Party for Tie Tailor Season, December 10th at The Best Place on Martin Luther King Dr. There will be performances by Bates, Rocky Maverick, Miistro Freeyo, Truth Do It, Tank The Machine, Ackurate, Bigg Rich, and many more. It will also be hosted by Comedian Willie C with DJ Pharaoh on the 1’s and 2’s. It’s going to be a fantastic show.


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