Michel have provided the perfect ambiance for any type of social-networking event or party. The
menu consists of tapas style, New Orleans-influenced, southern cuisine. Since the grand opening in
September 2008, Exo has consistently provided reasonably priced food and drinks. At times, different music is played on the
first and second level, offering a variety of music for your listening pleasure.
This two-level venue is capable of comfortably opening its doors to a few hundred guests with the help of its large outdoor
patio. The patio provides ample, plush seating for the warm summer nights. Indoors there are lavish couches, ottomans, and
bar stools, accompanied by brick walls and floor-to-ceiling windows with delicate curtains that enhance the modern, loft-like
style. The décor consists of earth-tones, hardwood flooring, and swank paintings, which add to this upscale environment.
Large flat screens can also be viewed during playoff games for the enjoyment of sports fanatics. A hefty screen also
greets you as you step out toward the patio area.
Whether joining friends for happy hour, supporting fundraising events, or simply club-hopping for a night of excitement…
enter the doors of Exo!!
words by TIFFANY S. NASH VILL E images by B Free Papara zzi
3146 Locust Street
Saint Louis, MO 63103
314) 534-1500

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Tucked away in the newly-revitalized 1900 block of Washington Ave, The City Ultra Lounge (1917 Washington Ave.) has turned a non-traditional space into a cozy venue with an intimate layout. The moment you step into The City,the sexy vibe helps to heighten your senses. From the waterfall statue that greets you at the door to the 12 couches and 13 ottomans—strategically placed to increase intimacy—you will immediately understand that there are good times to be had here.

Open since June 19th, owner Jason Spain has already collaborated with some of St. Louis’s top promoters to host some of this city’s most outof- the-box events. Transforming each club-goers’ experience, a night out at The City has the potential to warp you into a different time zone. From St. Louis to Los Angeles in an instant, power-house promoters such as Delux Magazine and Topher teamed up to host one of the most exciting events of the season—but it doesn’t stop there.

words by Seven L. Maxwell image by LAW RENCE BRYANT

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