Three men & a lady. Easy way to describe the creators of St. Louis’ ever-growing blog
site Consisting of members Mr. Nesbitt, The Skipper, Octavius,
and Twiggy Loveforkix, the Monarchs come together to entice viewers with funny
antics, news briefs, musical exposure, city hot spots, and fashion editorials. But what
makes Made Monarchs different is its versatility. The blog’s team ventures out into other
fields such as event planning, promotions, photography, and video production…giving
St. Louis a different, yet fresh scene. With so much success, there is undoubtedly more
to come from the beloved Monarchs


St. Louis, a city full of culture, diversity, and talent, has seen an abundance of national highlights and low points. With Nelly and the St. Lunatics breezing through the hip hop scene and lighting the path for many more to follow, our generation finally had something to celebrate. For once, we had an opportunity to witness history and take pride in our city and the residents who represented us on a national level.


words by Seven L. Maxwell images by LAWRENCE BRYANT

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