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A mother and her two daughters tentatively enter the garden, not really knowing what to expect once inside. It’s an unseasonably pleasant Sunday afternoon in August and the trio has come with light snacks and sodas. There’s a young couple sitting on the corner of a marble bench that encloses a small patch of land with young trees and other greenery. The mother relaxes on the other end of the bench while her youngest daughter starts to explore the in-ground fountains. Dressed in skinny jeans, a T-shirt and Converse sneakers, she peeps at the fountain spout in front of her and waits for the water’s next appearance. The water peeps out from the concrete about 2 inches then retreats. She anxiously waits for the fountain’s next appearance, which comes out higher and a little more forceful, soaking her pink sneakers and both the younger girl and her sister begin to giggle. They start to run through the fountains, laughing, giggling, getting soaked – finding pure joy in something so simple.


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