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by:  Andrea N. Hayes, M.Ed

Take out your pencils and crayons, kids!  The school year is about to begin!  It’s a new beginning and another opportunity for everyone to grow.  One way to ensure growth for our little ones – big and small – is through the development of positive relationships between parents and teachers.

Parents, it is critical to know that the teacher is there to work with you and not against you.  Educators, never forget the reason you chose such a difficult, yet rewarding profession: because you believe every child is capable of learning and becoming successful.   Establishing open lines of communication via email, phone calls, or text within the first few days of school will lay the foundation of developing a cohesive partnership between both of you.  Additionally, the student will be made aware of the united front that the parent or guardian and teacher have formed. 

For middle and high school parents, the open lines of communication will eliminate the possibility of misconstrued messages delivered by the student. Remember, adolescence is the age in which you slowly allow your student to be more responsible and held accountable for their own education.   Adolescence also comes with an overwhelming amount of peer pressure; so the parent/teacher alliance is crucial for a successful academic year.

The way students learn and teachers teach has changed dramatically over the last two decades; however the parent/teacher partnership needed to ensure individual success for each student has not. Have a great year and remember: communication is key!

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